The Next Generation of DC Heroes Were Mostly Epic Failures

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By mixing riffs on Image Comics characters with Ridley Scott’s Alien, the forgotten DC crossover bloodlines gave rise to many new characters.

Unlike Marvel and Image, DC Comics generally avoided many notorious fictions of the 1990s. Notable exceptions include Drs. Fate revisits include the rare Wonder Woman’s makeshift leather biker costume and the infamous Bloodiness Filled with extreme concepts, characters, and designs that would fit perfectly into a Rob Liefeld comic, the series couldn’t have been more on the nose.

Although hypnotized as a big thing and resulted in a set of potentially new intellectual qualities, the series and those born out of it are usually viewed with regret. Filled with alien parasites and bombing action, the ill-conceived tale was essentially a combination of action movie clichés. With one notable exception, Bloodiness What ultimately proved to be a failed attempt by DC to follow trends no company should have duped.

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Bloodline storyline

Before the story came to an end 23 issues were spread across various existing titles. Bloodshed Foreign origin taken for the Metahuman concept introduced in the original base Attack! Years ago and it was filtered through the lens of Ridley Scott. The story’s adversaries were parasitic aliens who feasted on the spinal fluid of lesser creatures to feed and reproduce. In the case of species such as humans, this usually results in their death, but it sometimes gives the victims incredible metahuman powers.

These new heroes included Chimera, who could create illusions, Argus, who could melt the shadow, and Loose Cannon, which turned into a furious, Hulk-like creature. The most notable new character was Hitman, a mafia hitman who received X-ray vision and telepathy. Several of them formed a group known as the Blood Pack, in which the heroes called themselves New Blood. In total, there were about 30 of these characters introduced during the period of the crossover. The violent and immoral nature of these heroes, along with the pointy title, portrayed Rob Liefeld’s characters young blood Or Jim Lee’s Wild cats Books. It certainly did not bear him to stay long with fans. despite the fact that Bloodiness The characters rescued several pre-existing heroes from the gestalt parasite Takar, who were defeated at the climax of the story. The Bloodpack, as well as the New Blood Gunfire, would go on to achieve their own titles with the Hitman, but rather predictable results.

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This blood is for you

Hitman-dc-firing guns

Perhaps due to the fact that the series had its base and name as a JCTgeist, long derivative within comic books by that time, Bloodiness And both of its heroes failed to make any real long-lasting impact on the DC Universe. In fact, the characters’ ambiguous nature as a result of the fad story presents them as a joke. In the pages of JLA, Even relative newcomer hero Kyle Rayner mentioned how lame the members of the Bloodpack were, as they constantly tried to team up with the Justice League.

The only success story series to come out of the event was Hitman. The often irreplaceable series starring the anonymous Tommy Monaghan was up the writer Garth Ennis’ street. While not nearly as graphic or subversive as later books such as Professional or Boys, The book poked fun at both mafia and superhero fiction. It mainly has ineffective and outright macro characters and concepts largely unseen in the superhero comic book, while ironically one of the most revered depictions of Superman. The book ran a total of 61 issues and easily led Ennis to the longest in mainstream comics.

Other title, JLA / Hitman And Facial Evil: Prometheus, Will kill at least morbidity Bloodiness Characters, with the Bloodpack almost completely killed. Alien parasites will return later JLA The story became a bigger threat than ever before when he took many Justice League members under his control. It was only thanks to Hitman’s rather gay instinct that his plan was finally put on hold. His last appearance was in an issue Batman and Outsiders, Where an eccentric parasite lived in Gotham City.

Since then, the legacy of Bloodiness Most of it was remembered as a punchline, even as the hitman eventually plunged into obscurity. During the New 52, ​​which was seen by many as reflecting some tropies of the ’90s Bloodiness Embraced, an attempt was made to reboot the property. This second version of the story was less successful than the original, with DC Rebirth’s hype quickly flowing. With the universe rebooting once again, there is a chance that the original characters may get another chance. Until then, however, the concept will likely continue to leave DC fans with bad blood.

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