The Mandalorian Reveals the Tragic Meaning of Cara Dune’s Eye Tattoo

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The Mandalorian season 2 finale provides some background for Cara Dunne’s mysterious teardrop tattoo, and it is tragic.

Warning: Following are spoilers for Mandalion, “Chapter 16: Rescue,” now streaming on Disney +.

Season 2 finale Mandalorian It reveals shocking the value of a planet, one of which attaches back to the tattoo under Cara Duane’s eye tattoo. “The Rescue” opens with The Diff Zarine and his motive crew, including – Dr. It is important to get information about what is being done to Grug, aboard the Lambda-class shuttle to catch and interrogate Pershing. As they come aboard, a pilot grabs the parsing as a bling-point, warning Dunn, “Stay back, dropper.”

“Dropper”, certainly referring to the tattoo under Doon’s eye, has been a mystery since the character’s introduction in Season 1. Dunne displays the Rebel Alliance mark on his arm, which is back as his former days as a jerk soldier, but as revealed by the pilot, his other tattoos have a much more tragic backstory.

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“This is a top-level target of the New Republic,” the pilot continues. “It’s a clone engineer. And if they find out that he is dead because of you, you want me to never leave Alderan. I saw tears.” Tear Tattoo, apparently, is a callout from Alden, the home planet of Doon. This planet is most known for its presence Episode IV: A New Hope, Being adopted the home planet of Leia Organa. Unfortunately, Alden found its end when the Death Star’s laser was tested.

The fact that Doon Alderaan is nothing new. His origins were revealed in last season’s finale “Redemption”, which allowed fans to see him in a whole new light. There was an argument in her support for the former Rebels, as she was eager to take revenge on those who destroyed her friends and family in an instant. The tattoo reveals that she is remembering the tragedy, permanently inscribed on her skin. Teardrop tattoos also have prominence in the real world, it can symbolize the loss of a friend or family member. In this case, Doon is remembering the millions of souls lost in the destruction of Alderan.

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Disclosure of Doon’s teardrop tattoo continues slowly, but importantly, stuffed into the esoteric character’s backstory. It is unknown what his involvement is Mandalorian Moving forward, he will be given new status as marshal for the new republic and upcoming development Rangers of the New RepublicBut it won’t come as a shock if Star wars On Alderaan the former makes a deep dive into the time of the shock soldier.

Produced by John Favreau, The Mandalorian Star Pedro Pascal, Jeana Carano, Carl Viers and Giancarlo Esposito. Season 2 is now streaming on Disney +.

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