The LeBron James triple that made the NBA hallucinate: the bet he accepted while pitching and the anger of the rival coach

The LeBron James triple that made the NBA hallucinate: the bet he accepted while pitching and the anger of the rival coach

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LeBron James’s Los Angeles Lakers beat the Houston Rockets again by James Harden after the victory achieved on Sunday by 120 to 102. This time, those led by Frank Vogel took the game after a 117-100 in which The King and Anthony Davis were the protagonists.

The former Cleveland, however, made the headlines of major sports media after perform a “no looking” triple in the second quarter. A play that immediately flooded social networks and of which the basketball player himself spoke after finishing the game.

The cameras stayed with James, who received the ball from Markieff Morris, lying on the left wing and behind the line of three. The clock read 7:44 minutes to the end of the first half when jumped to convert the triple that was going to put the partial score at 48-24.

Everything seemed that he was going to opt for another triple of the game. However, in the path of the ball, the forward turned and stared at one of his teammates who was on the bench until the play was over. He didn’t celebrate until the others did.

After the game was over at the Toyota Center, James got ready to talk to the press via video conference and told the story behind that shot that fans compared to Stephen Curry’s: “I took the bet while I was still throwing the ball.”

Is that before pulling, the German Dennis Schroder I had challenged him: “I told him to bet a Benjamin ($ 100 bill)… He fired, turned around and said, ‘Bet.’ Then he went inside. It is simply legendary. “

“A bet is not official until you look a man in the eye, so I had to look him in the eye and I was able to win that, ”explained LeBron James, who completed his night with 26 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists.

LeBron James was the figure of the Lakers along with Anthony Davis (Reuters)

“It doesn’t feel good. Surely not ”, acknowledged the Houston coach, Stephen Silas about the play. “Obviously they are a united group, and they are having fun at our expense. So it doesn’t feel good at all, and we should be offended. It’s like they are dancing on our court. we just have to fight. We have to fight to overcome it ”, he sentenced.

This play is usually more common in Steph Curry, and that is why, when asked about the comparisons, James commented: “He is definitely the one who has done it the most in our league., and when you release the ball so beautifully, effortlessly and precisely like Steph does, she has the ultimate ultra-green light to do so. “

LeBron celebrated with his teammates after scoring the triple without looking (USA TODAY Sports)

LeBron celebrated with his teammates after scoring the triple without looking (USA TODAY Sports) 

Another one who performed at his best Anthony Davis (19 points with 7 of 8 in shots) within a Lakers that, little by little, are greasing the machinery with great contributions from their bench (especially Montrezl Harrell and Kyle Kuzma) and that are already approaching the level that led them to proclaim themselves champions in the “bubble” of Orlando (USA).

On the part of the Rockets, which now are left with a weak balance of 3 wins and 6 losses that places them in the last positions of the West, Christian Wood (18 points) and James Harden (16) stood out in a new night to forget (30% in triples with 12 of 40).

The Los Angeles team, who remains the best team in the NBA at the moment and as the only one who remains undefeated at home, will face Oklahoma City Thunder this Wednesday. The Houston team will do the same on Thursday against the San Antonio Spurs.


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