The importance of Fran Mérida

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It will be Sunday for Fran Merida one of those days that a footballer writes in red (or in red, in this case) on his agenda. The draw for the Copa del Rey brought a clash between Espanyol and Osasuna, the team in which he played the last four seasons, right in the competition where the midfielder is lavishing the most, who in LaLiga has lost ownership. Fran Mérida feels doubly important.

The first, because of that state of mind that an experienced player has despite to have gone from essential in the first stage of the championship to a shock, although actually very recurrent, for days. “I’m fine. A coach, when he makes an eleven and when things go well, the normal thing is that he keeps the pieces that are working for him, ”assumes Mérida, who adds “The team has been in good dynamics and I understand the coach. People are at a good level, I think I have also contributed with my best and worst days, and By playing less now, I don’t feel less or more than before. I feel just as important within the group”, Ditch.

But his press appearance this Thursday was aimed at that second importance. The one to measure Osasuna. TO Jagoba Arrasate, who directed him for two years. “He has made his team play with very clear ideas and, with the exception of these months of complicated results, he has achieved a lot and has plenty of weapons ”, he warns. Although he also launches a warning to the rojillos: “Not much less are we going to give up the Copa del Rey. We all know what Espanyol’s main objective is, but in this competition the club has been champion several times. I think we are prepared to face it ”.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

“The cup we are very excited. It will be an attractive match with two teams of great level, above the category it will be beautiful because we both have talented players. It has all the incentives to be a great match”, Emphasizes Mérida, who analyzes that“ they are in a situation in LaLiga and What makes more sense is to prioritize the fight for salvation, although I know them and they always compete, while we do not renounce anything”. Well, let the ball roll.

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