The gestures after the first goal and the reproach to Salvio in the second goal from Santos: this is how Tevez experienced Boca’s defeat

The follow-up of Carlos Tevez against Santos

Boca did not set foot in Brazil, fell by a resounding 3-0 against Santos and was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores, the club’s maximum goal for the season that is about to end and which was delayed by the advance of the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

It was a painful defeat for the team he leads Michelangelo Russo, which at no time had a chance of approaching the Brazilian team in the result and was in the prelude to contest the final number 12 in its history in the competition.

Beyond the low performances, one of the central protagonists of the Argentine team was Carlos Tevez. The Boca captain lived a particular game: key in the good passage that the Xeneize in the Libertadores to reach the semifinals, he could do little in Vila Belmiro and was annoyed by the different actions that led to the win in favor of the Fish.

Before 50 seconds of action, Russo’s team suffered the first play against. Marinho stole the ball from Fabra and shot across, but the ball hit the post. Already at 15 minutes, Pituca took advantage of a rebound and the little reaction of the Boca defense to put the 1-0 in favor of the locals. Then, before preparing to serve from the center of the field, Tevez turned around and started haranguing his teammates: “C’mon C’mon…”, were the words with which the blue and gold 10 tried to encourage the rest and demanded attention from a defense that suffered the entire match.

Tevez harangued the players after Santos’ first goal

With 0-1, Xeneize timidly tried to seek equality. The local gave him the ball, but Russo’s team never found a way to hurt the defense of those led by Cuca. Tevez sought to associate with his peers, but was unable to do so.

In the second half, everything would be downhill for Boca. At 4 minutes, Eduardo Salvio lost the ball on the right side after trying a pipe in the middle of the field, Santos came out quickly against Andrada’s goal and the Venezuelan Soteldo took advantage of the spaces to score the second goal for the Brazilians. That play provoked the anger of Tevez, who twice reproached the decision that the forward tried to make. First, he made a gesture with his hands and seconds later he made a gesture as if to indicate to the former Lanús that an action of this type could not be done in that place on the court.

Tevez's gesture of disapproval after Salvio's mistake
Tevez’s gesture of disapproval after Salvio’s mistake

Two minutes after the 2-0, a great combination between Marinho and Lucas Braga ended with Santos’ third goal that defined the match for Peixe. Beyond the attempts, Boca could not even discount and fell without mitigating. Visibly beaten by the defeat, when the number 11 of the São Paulo team approached to ask for the shirt, Carlitos refused and walked towards the entrance of the visiting changing room.

Despite the attitude of the xeneize captain on the field of play, he finally changed Marinho’s jacket when accessing the locker room.

Marinho receives Tevez’s shirt and greets all Boca players

As with the rest of the Boca players, Tevez left without giving a statement after what happened in Vila Belmiro. Now it will be time to recover and focus to play the last game before the break: next Sunday, in San Juan, Xeneize will face Banfield in the final of the first edition of the Diego Maradona Cup.


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