The Force Awakens Raised Questions the Trilogy Couldn’t Answer

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Five years ago, The Force Awakens marked the beginning of a new era of Star Wars, which excited fans worldwide. Unfortunately, this excitement turned out to be the rest of the trilogy, failing to answer the important questions that set up the first film.

Friday, December 18, is a five-year anniversary since 2020 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Released in theaters. Disney’s first Star wars The film showed a bright future for the new trilogy, given the enthusiasm for its new characters and the mysteries set by director JJ Abrams, laying the foundation for it.

Five years later, that enthusiasm has waned. As subsequent films were released, fans were maligned with dirty plot (or lack thereof) and underdeveloped characters. The sequel triology fails to pay off its most interesting questions, frustrating an already divided family.

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While some plot threads were never addressed, others were tied in a complete way that was unsatisfactory for fans. To make matters worse, this was usually done outside of film series in tie-in media. In the end, Star wars‘The sequel trilogy caused more questions and confusion than answers and sensible story building.

Who is the knight of the reins?

Like Captain Fasma, the Knights of Rains made a great first impression The Force Awakens. He was once again brought back to his Gireban with Kylo Renes. Unfortunately, he shared another similarity with Fasama – they were dispatched in an unknown manner before doing anything memorable. Adding salt to the wound, it was Kallo Ren himself who took them out, treating them like a mild inconvenience to fight Palpatine.

The death of the Knights of Rain would not have been so disappointing if they had continued appearances in films. They were only mentioned in The Force Awakens, For the idea that they would play a big role in upcoming films. This proved to be untrue, as they were completely cut off The last jedi And then i was killed Rise of skywalker.

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The only story to tell anything about the Knights of the Rains was a Marvel Comics tie-in, Charles Soule and Will Céline The Rise of Kylo Ren # 1. The comic revealed that Ren is what the Knights call their lightsabers, meaning that Ben Solo actually named himself Keys Lightsaber.

How did Major Kanata get Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber?

Majha Kanata

Major Kanata was another character lost in the sequel trilogy’s blotted cast reshuffle. The wise pirate queen never got much time after her introduction The Force Awakens. Explain how she came into possession of Luke Skywalker’s Lightbuster Empire Strikes Back Only the tie-in is indicated in the literature.

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Flag of marvel Star wars The comic offered a piece of the story. An Ugnath found Saber in a pile of garbage on Baspin. Luke was looking for it, but a force vision convinced him to let it go. Rise of skywalker The novelization revealed that Kanata later bought Saber from Cloud City Minors. However, it was not known how it went from Ungahat to the miners.

Who was the character of Max von Sido?

Following The Force Awakens, Tikka appeared in everything from comics to video games Battlefield 2. It turned out that he was a Jedi supporter, refusing to believe the Empire’s opinion about obeying Order 66.

Tikka’s faith in the ideals of the Jedi prompted him to join the Church of the Force, despite the force’s abilities. He became a famous Jedi expert and explorer, and eventually became an ally of Luke and Leia.

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It was with the help of Tikka that Luke found the temple on Ahek-Two, which he exiled after his failure with Kylo Ren. While she was the birth of Skywalker, Teka also met Ren. Luca was embarrassed in an embarrassing fight when Ben Solo first encountered the Knights of Rain against Alphrona.

Who are Ray’s parents?

Rey’s parents’ revelations were actually covered twice in films. Unfortunately, the biggest weakness of the sequel trilogy – the double transition from the director’s reveal.

JJ Abrams directed The Force Awakens, Then passed the baton to Ryan Johnson The last jedi. This maintains a very large continuity overall, but Ryan made a number of creative decisions in his film that went against Star wars Tradition. Kylo Ren’s biggest reveal was that Ray’s parents were not members of an important family. As Ren said, they were “nobody.” It shattered Star wars‘Genealogy celebrated the convention.

Ray’s undefined lineage and the Force sensitive “Broome Boy”, point to a future where the Force was democratized – not to “special” bloodlines like the Skywalkers. It was a new, interesting direction for the franchise, but it was unsurprising for fans who expected Ray to connect with someone great, as was understandable for JJ Abrams. The Force Awakens.

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When Abram returned to the director’s chair Uday Of Skywalker, Replacing Colin Trevor, he revealed that to appear and make Ray a Palpatine. Abrams has clarified that he considered the emperor’s affair more shocking than total ambiguity. He thought it “better with the subject of being able to do anything to anyone.”

An argument could be made for that idea, but unfortunately, it disappointed many fans. For some, it appeared that Abrams added Palpatine Rise of skywalker Just because Johnson needed a villain after the murder of Supreme Leader Snoke The last jedi. And since Abrams intended for Ray to join an established character, he decided to tie his lineage to the emperor. What’s shocking, however, is that nothing about the Emperor’s return or Ray’s relationship with him felt like an organic part of the overall story.

Five years ago, the promise of a new, great Star wars The sequel trilogy got fans excited. Today, he is the sequel trilogy and is a disappointment. The films fell out of George Lucas’ autism approach, offering none of the aspects that made his films great.


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