The average electricity bill in January, the second most expensive in history

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The strong increase in the price of electricity, which has also coincided with a historic cold wave in Spain, has unleashed criticism from a large part of the population. FACUA, an organization dedicated to consumer rights, has also denounced this situation.

In his latest report on the evolution of the semi-regulated tariff PVPC highlights that the bill of an average user, so far in January, now amounts to almost € 88. To stay this increase in the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) in the second half of the month would be the second most expensive in its history. And it is that, in 2021, the interannual increase in the price of kWh reaches values ​​of 40%. Thus, the average kWh rate represents 18.78 cents (indirect taxes included); last year, during the same period, it was 13.41 cents.

FACUA, which qualifies as “wild” the rise of these last days, highlights that the average user’s monthly bill would be 19.65 euros more than it was a year ago. To be clear: this month’s receipt would be € 87.92, a 28.8% above the € 68.27 that the same user paid with the rates for the first 14 days of January in 2020.

The most expensive rate in history

In its report, FACUA refers to the one that was the most expensive in history, the only one that surpasses that of this beginning of 2021. It was the set by the Government (until 2014 it was published in the BOE) between the months of January and March 2012. By then, the bill amounted to 88,66€. In second place, until now and the month has yet to be completed, is January 2017 (€ 87.81) and third place in September 2018 (€ 83.55).

How is the average user according to FACUA?

To set the average user for Spain, FACUA analyzes thousands of invoices for inhabited houses in our country. With the results, it is estimated that the average user consumes 366 kWh and has a contracted power of 4.4 kW.

Given the present situation, the organization has requested a meeting with the vice president for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, in order to present the association’s demands on energy policy.

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