The Apple AirTags hidden in plain sight from the start?

The Apple AirTags hidden in plain sight from the start?

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Apple should soon launch its AirTags. These accessories are long overdue, but their existence may have been hidden from view for a long time.

Apple has been diversifying its activities in recent years. After launching headphones recently, the Cupertino company is preparing to market trackers, the eagerly awaited AirTags. At least that’s what many rumors have been suggesting for several months now. However, it could be that the proof of their existence has been under our noses for just as long.

The proof of the existence of AirTags hidden in plain sight for weeks?

In the coming months, there’s a good chance Apple will finally officially announce its new AirTags accessory. Rumors have been talking about this new product from the apple brand for a long, long time. We have even already seen some evidence of its existence but it is always best to remain skeptical, until official confirmation at least.

That being said, it looks like Apple has been hiding its AirTags in plain sight all this time. A MacRumors report cites a reader, David Chu, who noticed that iPhone, iPad, or Mac users who use Safari can type the address “findmy: // items” into their browser’s URL bar to see a hidden tab in the Find My app.

A simple URL in Safari and a hidden tab in the Find My app

In the application itself, we then see a message appear which says: “Know where your everyday objects are”, which most certainly refers to AirTags and their primary function. It looks like this feature has been integrated in the latest version of iOS 14 and macOS 11. That is, if you have installed these updates on your devices, you should be able to see this message appear.

All this comes in any case “confirm” that Apple is laying the foundations for the launch of this accessory, which remains to this day still quite mysterious. Rumors have it that these AirTags will be different from other trackers on the market in that they use ultra-wideband (UWB) which is supposed to offer more accurate location than traditional Bluetooth but beyond that we don’t know almost nothing. Hope we have all the details soon.

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