Tenzin’s 5 Greatest Strengths (& His 5 Worst Weaknesses)

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Tenzin was a supporting character Legend of korra The series and perhaps its title are the most intelligent patrons of the protagonist. Despite his secondary role, much of the story revolved around him, including his relationship with Ang, his fickle (dealable) bond with his family and his quest to restore Air Nomads to their former glory. .

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Like any well-written character, Tenzin has a range of strengths and weaknesses that make him a compelling and flawed person. Unlike their best and worst qualities, we can fully appreciate their complexity and how their methods affect the story.

10 Power: sight

Tenzin’s vision has always been to improve the world around him through the restoration of Air Nomads. He would serve this purpose above all others, traveling the Earth Empire to do so.

Unlike other characters (such as Bolin) whose inspirations are constantly being adopted based on current circumstances, Aang’s wishes remain mostly eccentric in the story. This makes him a consistent character and whose focus is conducive to accomplishing his goals.

9 Weakness: Leadership

Despite the often prestigious positions of leadership, Tenzin himself is not particularly capable of doing so. When serving as a member of the Republic City Council, he was consistently ousted by Tarlok, who was able to secure a majority vote on most relevant issues.

In addition, he struggled to maintain the attention of his airbender students, to the extent that he became too harsh on them and drove them away. Since it is difficult for Tenzin to inspire those around him, the objectives he tries to accomplish all become more distant.

8 Strength: Courage

Legend of Kora: Tenzin

Tenzin’s courage eclipsed many of the series’ other heroes. He was ready to stand against Zaheer despite his knowledge of the Red Lotus member’s abilities, fighting him vigorously until he was overrun with the joint assistance of his allies.

This was not the only example of his bravery. He also stood against the formidable machinations of Hiroshi Sato that were specifically created to defeat Benders. Ultimately, Korra’s teachers would do anything to protect their friends, family and many new students under her supervision. This makes him an excellent hero and one of the most believable characters in the series.

7 Weakness: Efficiency

Despite Tenzin’s desire to enter the battle, this rarely happened in his favor. Most of the partnerships he participated in were failures, including his inability to stop Zaheer, his defeat at the hands of Sato, or even prevent Taralok from kidnapping Korra.

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As a result, he is useful not only by supporting the efforts of the ally, but through virtue of his strength. It also states that some of their students surpass them even after the passage of time. This is especially true in the example of Kai, who showed great promise during his exploits against the nefarious Prithvi Rani.

6 Power: Decision

Tenzin’s decision was clearly sound, which is generally contrary to and rational for Korra’s explosive nature. In matters pertaining to Republic City, he has often been correct, even though he has gone through the mechanism of Tarlok.

Instead of claiming that he knows everything, the airbender will often defer another’s decision in situations about which he does not know enough. This was demonstrated through Cora’s prediction of whether she should reopen the spirit world. This proves to be his humility and open-mindedness, both welcome traits that make it easy to collaborate with him.

5 Weakness: Heartburn

Distinguishing the commune’s potential with Spirit World, Tenzin insisted that he be the guide to Cora to stop Nirala, despite his inability to do so. In addition, Jinora had volunteered to take him on her own, already demonstrating skills in identifying and invoking the help of the spirits around her.

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Instead of following his daughter’s advice and allowing her to take an avatar, she insisted on doing so herself. While he justified that it would not be safe for him to go alone (which would eventually be true), it was mainly on his jealousy that he did not share his daughter’s talent.

4 Strength: Resolution

Out of his three siblings, Tenzin worked with a lot of willpower and determination. This was mainly demonstrated when he was taken to the Fog of Lost Soul, where Bumi and Kaya almost immediately lost their nerve and escaped.

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However, Tenzin remained stable for longer than he lived with them, and they would be responsible for his liberation. Were it not for her tremendous mental fortitude, the three siblings would have been lost in the darkness forever, and would have made Unalaq’s terrible vision a reality.

3 Weakness: Trying Ang

Tenzin and the Fog of Lost Souls

Often criticized as being his father’s favorite, Tenzin attempts to match the former incarnation more than anyone else. This includes his physical appearance as well as his unquenchable desire to restore Air Nomads to their former glory.

Similarly, he was responsible for his frustration that he could not commune with the spirit world. When he is finally given a chance to be brief with his father again, Aang has to tell him straight away that he must be his own person. Fortunately, it was advice that Tenzin took to heart, and he was better off for it.

2 Strength: Flexibility

One of the biggest sources of tension between Tenzin and Korra at the beginning of the series was over pro-bending sentiments. The avatar was enamored with it and tried to try it on his own, while his master saw it as bending over and an unfair practice.

However, after becoming a Witness for the first time, Cora’s experience of the arena honed her skills in ways she could never attend, training her willingness to participate – Lynn Beifong’s surprise for. Given that the path he had chosen would later introduce him to Amon (and later, the ability to airbend), his desire to yield was wise.

1 Weakness: Parenting

Tenzin defending children

Although Tenzin is a decent protector and protector over his family (even though he could not prevent them from being captured by Amon), he is not a particularly competent parent. He is unable to keep his children at loggerheads and spends more time with them than Air Nomads.

While he tries to balance the two by helping him train future disciples, this is an example of how careless he is about his priorities. Also, how he attempts to manage Genera’s life (whether preventing her from getting a tattoo or her relationship with Kai), she ultimately fails to stop him from doing anything she wanted to do, regardless Be it through or giving cavity.

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