Xiaomi's smartphone shipments surpass Apple to become the second largest in the world

Xiaomi’s smartphone shipments surpass Apple to become the second largest in the world

Chinese mobile company Xiaomi ranked second in global smartphone shipments due to strong second-quarter performance, according to new figures released by the research firm Canaris.

The number of smartphones shipped by the company between April and June 2021 increased by 83% year-on-year, accounting for 17% of the global market.

This rapid growth has made Xiaomi the second largest smartphone maker in the world, just behind Samsung’s 19%. Apple is in 3rd place with 14%, and Xiaomi’s same Chinese manufacturers are in 4th place, with Oppo and Vivo at 10% each.

Of course, HUAWEI is not found among the top companies. The big drop was also due to the company being blacklisted from certain markets (i.e. the US) and blocking access to Google’s Android and US mobile products, including various apps. It seems that it has an influence just a little.

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Canalys cites ambitious pricing as a major factor in Xiaomi’s success. This is in particular contrast to the premium prices of Samsung and Apple products.

“Xiaomi is currently changing its business model from Challenger to Incanbant, with more careful channel partner consolidation and older inventory management in the open market,” said Canalys research manager Ben Stanton in the release.

“But Xiaomi is still heavily dependent on the mass market, and compared to Samsung and Apple, Xiaomi’s average selling price is about 40% and 75% cheaper, respectively, so Xiaomi’s 2021 A key priority of the year is to increase sales of high-end machines like the Mi 11 Ultra.”

Xiaomi is not well known in the United States (the company has dealt with its own problems in the country), but has recently been particularly successful in Latin America, Africa and Western Europe.

There are likely to be many more markets for the company to continue expanding to chase Samsung and shake off the fast-growing global Oppo and Vivo.

Rachel Maga
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