Walmart could launch its own cryptocurrency and NFTs

Walmart could launch its own cryptocurrency and NFTs

Walmart could offer cryptocurrency and NFTs. This is suggested by documents filed with the USPTO.

The early 2020s clearly saw the emergence of technologies around blockchain. This trend should be further accentuated in 2022 and it is now a question for the giants not to miss the boat.

Everyone wants to position themselves to have their share of the pie, so to speak. The tech giants are present, but other big names, sometimes quite far from all that, want to taste it too. It could be the case of Walmart.

Walmart could offer cryptocurrency and NFTs

The American retail giant Walmart does not want to miss the crypto bandwagon. CNBC has learned that the brand filed several trademarks with the USPTO – the United States Patent and Trademark Office – at the end of December for the sale of virtual goods and in another filing, it would be question to offer a crypto-currency as well as NFTs.

Although these documents do not guarantee that such products will become reality, trademark attorney Josh Gerben told CNBC that these marks were extremely detailed – Walmart seems to have clear intentions to enter the market of digital currencies and products -.

This is suggested by documents filed at the USPTO

In a statement, a Walmart spokesperson told Engadget that the company is “constantly exploring” how new technologies might influence shopping and is filing trademarks “very frequently” in this regard. In other words, do not expect the American giant to officially confirm or deny anything at this stage.

In any case, it would not be strange for Walmart to get into cryptocurrencies or NFTs. After Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and its stated desire to dive into the metaverse, there has been a real push from many major brands to invade the market for either digital currencies or NFTs, or even both.

Adidas, Nike, Gap and other big names have already started selling NFTs and more or less obviously expressed their desire to create virtual spaces. Walmart probably doesn’t want to miss the boat, without rushing.

Rachel Maga
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