Twitter changes website and app design to make it easier to see, new fonts adopted

Twitter changes website and app design to make it easier to see, new fonts adopted

Twitter released a renewed version of its website on August 11th. According to the company, this makes the site easier to see, less confusing, and easier to use.

Among the changes that are rolled out to iOS and Android apps are the adoption of Twitter’s new font “Chirp” and changes that enhance the contrast of various elements. Soon, Twitter will also introduce a new color palette.

Chirp appeared in January 2021 as Twitter’s first proprietary typeface. So far, Twitter has used fonts such as “SF Pro,” “Roboto,” and “Helvetica Neue” for its own brands.

In addition to giving Twitter its own visual representation, Chirp’s goal is to provide a crisp, easy-to-read typeface for everyday use, and even when used in videos and brand advertising. Including, to provide a more unique typeface.

But at the time of its debut, Twitter wasn’t yet committed to adopting Chirp as a wider product typeface, but Twitter’s global brand creative director Derrit DeRouen said. Said that it was a “personal desire”.

Starting with this, Twitter is using Chirp for its website, iOS and Android device apps, and the core of the mobile web.

The company also states that by left-justifying all Western language texts, it will be easier to read when scrolling (texts other than Western languages ​​have not changed).

The colors and buttons used on the website have also been revamped to be more contrasting. The notable change is that Twitter’s blue has dropped considerably.

For example, when the display was the default theme and the background was white, tweets and navigation turned black. Also, changing buttons (such as buttons like “follow”) is aimed at highlighting the most important actions, Twitter said.

These changes may still seem trivial now, but they could become even more important with the introduction of an enhanced feature set such as Super Follow. Twitter is a way to emphasize what you want your users to do.

The design change also eliminates the visual confusion on the screen that Twitter calls “unnecessary dividers.” The gray background has been reduced, and the space between letters has been increased to make the letters easier to read.

These changes are also preparing Twitter to introduce a different online experience than just occasionally attaching and sharing photos and other media to text-based posts.

Twitter aims to attract more creators to its platform with the introduction of SuperFollow. In addition, it has improved the bookmark function by incorporating functions such as e-commerce shopping function, paid flat-rate service for power users, and live audio by Spaces.

However, as you add more features, new options fill the screen, which can be even more confusing, especially for first-time users. That’s why it makes sense for Twitter to redesign its website now. But it’s still unclear if Twitter users will rate this update.

Twitter says the change is just the beginning of a future visual update, but it doesn’t suggest what the future update will include. For now, it’s just saying it will offer more color palettes “soon”. The update is said to bring the color palette closer to Twitter’s latest brand look.

Rachel Maga
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