This is what Apple's first mixed reality headset could look like

This is what Apple’s first mixed reality headset could look like

Will Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Look Like This? This 3D rendering is based on current rumors

If the many rumors that have been circulating for several months are true, Apple could launch a whole new category of products, in the form of mixed reality headset. That being said, the mystery is still entire, or almost, concerning this device. And in particular as to the form it could have. Today, Ian Zelbo offers a 3D render of what Apple’s mixed reality headset might look like based on what we think we know today.

Will Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Look Like This?

And that’s what’s important here. These are not just any concepts, but a rendering made from information published by The Information. In other words, what we see in the image above could be quite similar to what the Cupertino company would be preparing to market in the course of the year 2022. If all this is true, it would seem that the apple brand drew its inspiration from various products, including the AirPods Max and the Apple Watch, particularly with regard to the headband.

This 3D rendering is based on the rumors currently circulating

This rendering also shows us some potential design details that the Cupertino company could incorporate. For example, there appears to be a grid at the eye level of the wearer of the helmet. This could make it possible to facilitate the cooling of the internal components, and thus prevent the assembly from heating too much after a long period of use, for example.

What’s also interesting is that Ian Zelbo refers to this device with the name Apple View. No one knows at the moment if this is indeed the real name of the future headset from Apple or if it is a name that he himself imagined, but it must be admitted that it is a name rather sympathetic.

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