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Nintendo has announced that it will be able to play “Ultimate Chicken Horse” in the “Issei Trial”. The period is from January 25th (Monday) 12:00 to January 31st (Sunday) 17:59.

“Issei Trial” is a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber-only event where you can play all the Nintendo Switch target software for a limited time.



“Ultimate Chicken Horse” is a party action game that can be enjoyed by up to 4 players. The simple rule is to compete for the goal, but the feature is that players can set various traps on the stage, and the difficulty level gradually increases as they play. The trick is to clear the stage while increasing the difficulty level.


“Ultimate Chicken Horse” can be purchased from January 25th (Monday) 12:00 to February 7th (Sunday) 11:59 at a sale price of 962 yen (tax included), which is 35% off.

source: Nintendo

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