TCL unveils a very attractive XR connected glasses concept

TCL unveils a very attractive XR connected glasses concept

TCL unveils a very attractive XR connected glasses concept. Let’s just hope the built-in screen is actually useful

TCL has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of televisions. In fact, it’s hardly surprising that the company is entering the extended reality (XR) glasses market. That being said, the prototype revealed just recently at the CES 2022 show looks surprisingly successful. Extremely attractive even.

TCL unveils a very attractive XR connected glasses concept

Let’s be completely honest and specific from the start. Only the industrial part was revealed during CES. TCL is doing everything possible to be able to demonstrate a fully functional version during the MWC which will take place at the end of February. At that time, we will be able to judge the success of the project in due form.

The technology base on which these glasses are based is very similar to those of other products already announced, such as the Oppo Air Glass. Some of the similarities could be the use of a very small projector with Micro LED and a Snapdragon 4100 chip.

The screen should have fairly modest capacities to display easily noticeable notifications, directions, and other visual information. These glasses are in no way intended to replace the XR helmets worthy of the name often used by professionals (such as the Microsoft HoloLens) but are rather intended for use by the general public.

Just hope the built-in screen is really useful

If the screen manages to fulfill its role of displaying information like a heads-up display (HUD), for example, it will remain to be seen what kind of applications can benefit from it. This is the million dollar question in the end.

In addition to mapping applications, we will have to find uses. Otherwise, this type of device will not exist on the market. However, we have to start somewhere and these TCL glasses could be a first brick in this edifice.

As is often the case with wearable devices, the hardest part is getting users to wear these accessories. TCL’s design has the merit of being pleasing to the eye, the glasses look like quite classic glasses. The general public could easily want to try them. And it will then be necessary for the integrated screen to provide real added value.

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