Sony Immersive Music Studios, a new subsidiary focused on the development of immersive musical experiences

Sony Immersive Music Studios, a new subsidiary focused on the development of immersive musical experiences

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Using the power of creativity and technology, Sony Corporation of USA is reinventing the concert experience on digital platforms with teams from Sony Immersive Music Studios as well as Sony Music Entertainment and telecoms giant Verizon.

In order to put fans around the world at the forefront for a revolutionary virtual concert experience that reimagines artists’ live performances, Sony Immersive Music Studios has developed an immersive experience that takes place in a meticulous recreation of the Sony Hall concert hall in New York City with dazzling special effects. Madison Beer will be the first singer to be able to take the opportunity to preview songs from her debut album Life Support, including her latest single ‘BOYSH * T’.

Using the latest innovations in real-time 3D creation technologies, including the latest version of the Unreal Engine graphics engine from Epic Games, she has been transformed into an ultra-realistic avatar. “The process of creating this show is unlike anything I’ve done before“Says Madison Beer, singer-songwriter with the Epic Records label. “I love to create visuals so it was very exciting for me to get involved in the process and do something special for my fans. We’re all disappointed that we can’t go out and experience these songs on tour together, so putting on a show like this is such a gift.

Madison Beer concert in immersive reality with real-time 3D creation technology

The “Madison Beer Immersive Reality Concert Experience” will air in its original format on PlayStation VR and Oculus VR, or as a gripping 2D immersive experience, on music streaming channels later this winter.

Madison Beer raises the bar for what’s possible in a virtual gig and we couldn’t be more excited“, Adds Sylvia Rhone, President and CEO of Epic Records. “Through this cutting-edge collaboration between music and technology, Madison has brought her innovative vision to life in a unique way while taking it to new heights. This is another example of Epic’s commitment to giving our artists revolutionary possibilities to expand their creative options and engage fans in immersive experiences.

New technologies only become real to consumers through breakthrough performance like this“Said Erin McPherson, responsible for content and consumer partnerships at Verizon. “Madison Beer is one of today’s most exciting young performers, and her drive to disrupt is a glimpse into the future of creativity and engagement in music. As interactive performance continues to evolve, Madison Beer and Sony will set a milestone in developing new, immersive experiences for consumers.

We’re excited to partner with Verizon to bring fans the groundbreaking immersive performances of Madison Beer across a range of streaming and VR platforms.“Said Dennis Kooker, president of the Global Digital Business division for US sales at Sony Music Entertainment. “It’s a forward-looking and incredibly realistic experience that brings a new dimension to Madison’s art and highlights the capabilities of these innovative formats that bring fans closer to music like never before.

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