Samsung unveils the flagship projects of its C-Lab including the ZamStar app duo and the ZamString guitar

Like every year at this time of year, Samsung unveils the projects of its C-Lab incubator for CES 2022, with the aim of assessing the public’s interest in moving forward, or not, on the most promising ideas. The star of this year is undoubtedly ZamStar, a guitar and app duo thought and designed to facilitate collaboration and learning.

Other notable projects include an artificial intelligence-based solution to help children develop good habits with their smartphones and a mobile device to detect strabismus in newborns.

Samsung unveils the flagship projects of its C-Lab

ZamStar therefore consists of an application and a guitar called ZamString. The idea is this: you can play a sheet music on the guitar, add effects and then sync it all up with other musicians around the world.

This responds to the musical collaborations that appeared on TikTok following the Covid-19 pandemic, with the idea of ​​simplifying the synchronization between the musicians as much as possible. In addition, the ZamString guitar has a neck that lights up depending on the song you are playing, allowing you to easily view or place your fingers.

The concept is not new, but this may be the first time that a project has combined the aspect of learning with that of collaboration.

Including the ZamStar app duo and the ZamString guitar

Piloto, meanwhile, is what Samsung calls an “artificial intelligence solution that helps kids develop good habits with their smartphones.” The aim is to teach children “self-regulation techniques” on smart devices so that they can make the right choices.

Finally, Innovision is “a mobile-based daily monitoring system to detect possible symptoms of strabismus and monitor the development of babies’ visual faculties.” Sounds pretty smart, as babies naturally look at their crib mobile.

In addition to projects led by its own incubators, Samsung C-Lab Outside also supports nine startups, including a biometric recognition solution for animals based on artificial intelligence called Petnow. All these projects will be discovered in more detail on their own booth at CES 2022.

At the time of writing, Samsung seems to have always planned to be there. The South Korean giant has not (yet?) Followed the Google, Lenovo, Intel, Amazon, Meta, T-Mobile and others who canceled their visit because of the pandemic.

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