Rumors have been reported that the next MacBook Pro will have no Touch Bar and the MagSafe charging connector will be back.

According to an investor note by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst familiar with Apple’s insider information, Apple is developing a model with two screen sizes, 14-inch and 16-inch. The design has been significantly changed, and it is stated that there will be no curves on the top and bottom, resulting in a “iPhone 12-like” flat edge (squared corners). If this is true, it will be the first general form factor update in five years.

Also, for those who love models after 2016, the point that “organic EL Touch Bar is not installed, physical function keys will be returned instead” will be the point. The Touch Bar was a new element introduced by Apple with noise, but it is difficult to handle because it does not feel like a touch type, and when the physical ESC key revived with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, “There were many complaints from professional customers.” Behind the scenes was revealed.

Furthermore, the MagSafe charging connector that was once familiar will be revived. And it is equipped with many I / O ports (apart from USB-C), and it is stated that most users do not have to buy additional dongles. In recent MacBook Pro models, there is no external port other than USB-C, and a separate adapter is required for HDMI output etc.

These new models do not have Intel CPU options, that is, they are limited to Apple silicon. Kuo had previously predicted that the 14-inch and 16-inch redesigned MacBook Pro would be available in 2021, but he was also a famous leaker (a person who sends out influential information about unreleased products of interest). The new design was “not just Apple Silicon”, and the view is divided.

Kuo’s expectations are in line with an article by Bloomberg’s famous reporter Mark Gurman.

As for Bloomberg-specific information, one is the 14-inch internal code name “J314” and the 16-inch is “J316”, which uses the next-generation version of Apple’s own Mac processor. With “more cores and enhanced graphics,” it looks like it will perform even better than the current M1 chip.

We also plan to evolve the display into a brighter, higher-contrast panel. “Although there are minor design changes, it will look similar to the current model,” but it may be different for each person to feel whether the above flat edge is a minor renewal.

Also, the resurrected MagSafe is described as “similar to the elongated columnar design of the MagSafe port of the past”, and it is not a wireless charging like the iPhone 12, but a safety measure that can be pulled out by accidentally pulling it while fixing it with a magnet as well. It is suggested that it follows the cable type with. It is said that it can be charged faster, but it is not mentioned whether the conventional USB-C power supply can be continued.

Other plans are for a redesigned MacBook Air, but it is expected to be long after the next MacBook Pro. Those who bought the current M1 MacBook Air are unlikely to be out of shape for a while.

Following the return of the MacBook Pro’s butterfly keyboard to scissor, if the Touch Bar is abolished, two new Apple-suggested methods will be rewound. The 16-inch model also emphasizes the convenience of a “dedicated ESC key,” but it’s interesting to see how the next MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar will appeal.


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