Qualcomm, Apple M1 rival chip “SnapDragon SC8280” rumor under development –GLM

Qualcomm, Apple M1 rival chip “SnapDragon SC8280” rumor under development –GLM

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It is rumored that Qualcomm is developing an SoC for PC that can compete with Apple’s “M1” chip.

Both Apple’s proprietary M1 chip and Qualcomm’s SoC (and SQ1 and SQ2 jointly developed with Microsoft) installed in the Arm version of Windows PC are based on the Arm architecture, but the latter was hit by severe results in benchmarks etc. I am. Qualcomm’s president, Cristiano Amon, praised the M1’s high performance as “a very good sign,” but didn’t say whether it was working on a competing product.


However, according to German IT information site Winfuture, Qualcomm is developing an in-house code “SnapDragon SC8280”. Although it is unknown at what stage the development is, it seems to be the successor to SnapDragon 8cx and 8cx Gen2 (the fastest chip for PC made by Qualcomm at the time of writing the article). The chip has been tested on laptops with a 14-inch screen, and die size suggests that it may have more cores than the SnapDragon 8cx.

The test machine has a 5G modem, the SnapDragon X55, but it’s not mentioned whether it’s integrated into the chipset or loaded separately on the board.

In addition, there are two variations of the test machine, as reported. One has 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM and the other supports 32GB of LPDDR4X RAM. Apple’s M1 Mac is currently constrained by 16GB of integrated memory, so the SC8280 seems to dominate purely in numbers.

That said, Apple is also working on an enhanced version of the M1 chip, and it’s rumored that a next-generation version with up to 32 cores is in the works. As you aim for higher-end applications, you can expect an increase in the memory limit. We hope that Apple and Qualcomm will compete with each other under the same Arm architecture, leading to further improvements in chip performance.


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