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NEC Personal Computer (NEC PC) announced the 2021 spring model lineup of its PCs. This time, the update at the chassis level is 2 series, and the CPU generation change is 3 series.

As a general enhancement, many models are equipped with Intel’s Tiger Lake, Intel’s 11th generation Core i. The processing speed (especially graphics) is improved compared to the current model. In addition, the functions for telework, which the company is focusing on these days, have been strengthened. In addition, the 2 series of mobile notebook PCs also adopts innovative functions such as a built-in loss prevention tag function.

On the other handAll models do not support Thunderbolt 4 even though it is equipped with Tiger Lake(Tiger Lake can be equipped with TB4 at a relatively low cost due to the function on the CPU side), and it is a configuration that is also scattered like NEC.

More comfortable with enhanced CPU, enhanced functions for telework

LAVIE Pro Mobile

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One of the machines that readers of this magazine will pay attention to is the ultra-lightweight mobile notebook PC “LAVIE Pro Mobile” equipped with a 13.3-inch full HD screen.

The shipment is scheduled to start from January 21, 2021, and the store model will be available in 3 grades. The estimated market price is around 194,800 yen for the cheapest model “PM550 / B” (excluding tax, the same applies below), and around 249,800 yen for the top “PM950 / B”.

There are three main body color variations: navy blue, classic Bordeaux, and flare gold (however, PM950 / B is navy blue only). Pearl black is also available for the direct web sales model.

As introduced at the beginning, the CPU is equipped with “Core i7-1165G7” and “Core i5-1135G7” which are Tiger Lake (TDP width is UP3 of 15 to 28W). The ultra-lightweight body weighs about 889g, and the processing speed is increasing while inheriting the housing that is highly evaluated in the current model, such as a simple and discreet body design that can be used anywhere and a thin keyboard with a strong click feeling. ..

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New LAVIE Pro Mobile review.Outstanding “hand familiarity” has been further strengthened, and the keyboard has a unique degree of perfection.

And, in a sense, the features beyond the CPU areBuilt-in loss prevention tag “MAMORIO”The point that was done. By installing a dedicated app on your smartphone, you can notify the smartphone when the device is a certain distance away from the smartphone and prevent the loss of your PC.

Furthermore, in case of loss, the app is notified of the time and place of the distance. Furthermore, the tracking function assists the discovery. Furthermore, since it is built into the main body, you can reduce the worry that only the tag will be removed in the event of theft.

Furthermore, the function “Meeting Mode” for telework, which has been sold in the past, has been further strengthened.

With the functions such as “Noise Suppressor” that reduces ambient noise when using the built-in microphone and “Room Echo Suppression” that suppresses the reverberation of the room that is worrisome in video conferencing, which was highly evaluated in the current model, with multiple partners We are working to enhance the function to adjust the volume of the other party’s voice during a conference and to support headphones (currently only speakers).

The peep prevention function, which is useful when working outdoors, is also inherited from the current model. While inheriting the design that balances lightness, long-time drive, operability and robustness, the telework function that was sold has been strengthened. Equipped with the catch of “a personal computer specializing in telework in the post-corona era”.

In addition, the USB Type-C terminal finally supports the display output (DisplayPort Alt Mode), which has been requested by current model users. Connection becomes simple in combination with the USB Type-C direct connection type display, which is increasing recently.

What’s more sober but big isFinally, the top-level configuration of the store model is equipped with a SIM-free LTE modem.In the current generation, LTE and 5G can only be selected with direct sales models, so it is an enhancement point that greatly expands the range of choices for those who “LTE and 5G are essential for mobile notebooks”.

14-inch “House Mobile” is also greatly strengthened with Tiger Lake


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Next, I would like to introduce “LAVIE N14,” which is the recommended model on the NEC PC side. Aimed at home mobile with 14-inch full HD screenChanged the series name of “LAVIE Home Mobile”However, it is a model that has undergone a full model change at the housing level.

The lineup consists of two grades. “N1475 / B” equipped with Core i7-1165G7 CPU and “N1435 / B” equipped with AMD Ryzen 3 3250U. The shipment is scheduled to start on January 21, and the estimated market price is around 184,800 yen for the N1475 / B and around 139,800 yen for the N1435 / B.

There are two main body color variations, navy blue and pearl white. Pearl black is also available for the direct web sales model.

There is only a model aiming for home mobile, and the main body weight is about 1.46 to 1.47 kg, which is about “moderately lightweight”, but the price is reasonable compared to rival machines-The position is from the current LAVIE Home Mobile I will take over.

The biggest feature is the redesign of the main body. It features a slimmer design than the current model, a compact design with a narrow bezel design, and a simple design that gives an impression close to LAVIE Pro Mobile.

In terms of usability, the model has been enhanced in various ways, such as extending the battery life to about 12 hours and installing a face recognition function (N1475 / B only).

Loss prevention tag function is also available for popular university student notebooks


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Among the notebook PCs announced this time, the smaller model is the lightweight mobile notebook PC “LAVIE N12” with a 12.5-inch full HD screen.Mainly targeted at university studentsLAVIE Note Mobile series household change + rename modelis.

The lineup consists of two grades. “N1275 / B” equipped with Core i7-1160G7 and “N1255 / B” equipped with Core i5-1130G7. The shipment is scheduled to start on February 25, 2021, and the estimated market price is around 159,800 yen for the N1275 / B and around 144,800 yen for the N1435 / B.

There are three main body color variations: navy blue, pearl white, and metallic pink. Pearl black is also available for the direct web sales model.

While adopting the simple route of the current model N14 and Pro Mobile, the main body design inherits the highly evaluated points such as the expansion terminal concentrated on the back and the body pursuing compactness in design.

Also, as a big improvement,Like LAVIE Pro Mobile, the loss prevention tag “MAMORIO” function is built into the main unit.To do. This is a particularly nice feature for the aircraft, which is often carried around in classes.

Until now, it was a relatively inexpensive model among the company’s notebook PCs, so the CPU performance was modest, but this generation is the Core i7 and i5 of Tiger Lake UP4, and the basic performance has been greatly improved.

In terms of usability, it also supports modern standby, and the speed of waking up from sleep has been increased. The impression that USB Type-C is packed with functional differences from higher-end models, such as supporting DisplayPort Alt Mode.

It is also equipped with “Meeting Mode”, a function for telework inherited from Pro Mobile.

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In addition, the specifications have been strengthened for the 15-inch stunted notebook PC “LAVIE N15” equipped with an Intel CPU and the LCD screen integrated desktop “LAIVE A” (renamed from LAVIE Home All-in-One). A new model will be prepared.

In this way, the 2021 spring model of NEC PCs has become a lineup that has advanced the generation change of CPUs at once, centering on the mainstay mobile notebook PCs. At the same time, the N14 and N12 are also shifting to higher grade CPUs, which gives the impression that the overall performance has been greatly improved.


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