Netflix Releases Latest Statistics on Employee Diversity, First Official Report | GLM

Netflix Releases Latest Statistics on Employee Diversity, First Official Report | GLM

Netflix released its first Diversite & Inclusion Report on January 13th. But Netflix isn’t the first to publish this kind of data. The company has been publishing employee statistics since 2013, but this is the first time it has recognized it as a report.

Globally, women make up 47.1% of all Netflix employees. Since 2017, the proportion of white and Asian employees has been declining moderately, while the proportion of Hispanics, Latinos, blacks, multiracial and indigenous peoples has increased. In the United States, 8.1% of all Netflix employees are Hispanic / Latino, 8% black, 5.1% are mixed races, and 1.3% of employees are Native American, Alaskanian, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and / Or either from the Middle East or North Africa.

The proportion of colored races at Netflix’s managerial level isn’t perfect, but it’s arguably higher than the proportion of colored races across the tech industry. Netflix’s leaders are Asian 15.7%, Black 9.5%, and Hispanic 4.9%, with 4.1% of the company’s top executives being of multiple races.

Netflix hasn’t disclosed a specific goal, but in general, it wants to increase its minority ratio by hiring more inclusive jobs and building a recruitment network, said the company’s vice president of inclusion and diversity. One Vernā Myers said in a report. In addition, Netflix says it wants to find a way to measure what the company calls “inclusion health” and focus more on increasing inclusion and employment for people outside the United States.

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