LG shares the progress of developments around 6G

LG shares the progress of developments around 6G

LG announces that it has taken an important step in the development of 6G. Its teams have managed to broadcast a 6G signal 100 meters away.

5G smartphones are more and more common today and a phone without 5G is now raising some eyebrows. That being said, 5G connectivity is still far from standard in our regions.

Admittedly, 5G networks are rolling out at high speed, but the infrastructure is still far from sufficient and it will undoubtedly be several years before 5G is the standard for mobile connectivity. This does not prevent market players from working on its successor, the 6G. This is the case with LG.

LG takes a major step forward for 6G

Work on 6G started several years ago now and it seems that things are progressing well. At least that’s what we imagine. Today, LG has decided to share the status of its work somewhat. According to the South Korean giant, a new big step has just been taken. LG teams have managed to broadcast 6G over a record distance of 100 m.

Its teams managed to broadcast a signal 100 meters away

Yes, you read that right ! 100 meters, only! And to be honest, at this stage of development, you shouldn’t expect more. This is due to the THz frequencies the 6G will use. Their range is extremely limited and the loss of power consequent when the signal passes through the antennas.

An obvious solution to the problems would be to build even more towers and antennas, but that is not necessarily possible, let alone the issue of cost.

It is for this reason that LG is actively working with the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics to develop a power amplifier capable of better targeting and directing wireless signals such as 6G.

Keep in mind that 6G will not arrive for many years, and by then the performance achieved should be much more impressive. Or at least that’s what we hope for. To be continued!

Rachel Maga
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