GM, Chevrolet Corvette becomes an electric SUV? Report on designing multiple types with “Project R” –GLM

GM, Chevrolet Corvette becomes an electric SUV? Report on designing multiple types with “Project R” –GLM

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Chevrolet has taken the bold step of changing the engine mounting position of the base vehicle Corvette from front to mid in order to pursue that speed in GT3 races. And now, Chevrolet (GM, which develops the brand) is trying to bear the name of Corvette on the crossover SUV type electric vehicle.

Speaking of Corvette, a high-performance sports car that represents Chevrolet. However, Bloomberg said from an anonymous source that GM is currently making some form of concept car with the Corvette name in an internal plan called “Project R.” It is said that these cars are trying to have a practical interior space and storage in addition to the goodness of the Corvette, which has high performance and a design that seems to be very fast, and as a concrete form to realize it, first of all, electricity with a sporty design There is a possibility that a crossover SUV will come out.

The first thing that reminds me of turning a sports car into an electric SUV is the “Mustang Mach-E,” which Ford made the Mustang, which is synonymous with muscle cars, into an SUV. Lamborghini also sells the SUV “Urus”, which has the appearance of a unique sports car, and GM uses a similar strategy to name the Corvette not only for a single sports car but also for several lineups. It seems that it is trying to develop as a brand to do.

Corvette’s latest mid-engined model is doing well, with sales in 2020 up 20% from the previous year. And GM is rumored to be developing a hybrid version that improves the low-speed torque and fuel economy of the Corvette.

GM’s VP of Design, Mike Simcoe, said that by adopting the versatile Ultium battery architecture jointly developed by GM and LG, brands with various models such as Chevrolet will “full-size pickup trucks, “Compact crossovers and even high-performance vehicles” can be manufactured in a wide range of electrified models, CES 2021 said in a presentation.

GM has announced a new logo mark based on a plan to release 30 EVs by 2025. In addition, next month, Cadillac’s first EV “LYRIQ”, electric pickup truck “Hummer EV”, and Chevrolet’s original electric vehicle “Bolt” SUV type “Bolt EUV” are scheduled to be announced.

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