Finally a Philips Hue module to make switches smart

Finally a Philips Hue module to make switches smart

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One of the most common uses of home automation today remains intelligent lighting. There are many solutions. Among them is Philips Hue. An extremely comprehensive range, for indoors and outdoors.

Philips has been present for many years now in the connected lighting market with its range Philips Hue. It has long been possible to control its lighting, interior and exterior, from a smartphone or a voice assistant. But via conventional switches, it’s a different story. Here is finally a solution.

Philips Hue unveils a Wall Switch Module

Controlling your connected light bulbs is usually done via the dedicated mobile application. Or you can use that good old traditional switch. The problem with this second solution is that if you turn off the bulb, you won’t be able to turn it back on with the app. Indeed, the switch completely cuts off the current leading to the bulb. Which remains very frustrating on a daily basis.

to finally solve the problem of traditional switches with connected bulbs

To solve this problem, Signify has just unveiled a new small accessory, the Philips Hue Wall Switch Module. This has been thought out and designed to be placed just behind a conventional switch, turning it into a “smart” switch. Thus, once this module is in place, even if you use the switch to turn off the bulb, you can turn it back on via the application – or any other compatible system -.

In addition to transforming a conventional switch into a smart switch, this Wall Switch Module can also be configured via the Hue mobile app to perform other actions. For example, rather than behaving like a simple switch for a light bulb, you could use it to trigger a particular configuration based on a particular scene.

The installation of this Wall Switch Module signed Philips Hue is intended to be very simple – even if the switch will have to be removed all the same – and it uses a battery – it does not therefore connect to the mains -, battery which should last at least five years. If you are interested, know that this new accessory should be available in spring in Europe. Count all the same 40 € the unit or 70 € the pack of two.

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