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Connected objects invade our lives. In our houses, no room is foreign to them. The bathroom welcomed them quickly. And it is far from over.

Connected objects can be totally gadgets, as we have seen many times before, but they can also be very useful. This is the case with health monitoring. Smartwatches, for example, are doing a great job in this segment. The bathroom also has a lot to gain by accommodating connected devices to help you on a daily basis. Baracoda unveils two new references.

Baracode unveils two new connected devices for the bathroom

In recent times, connected and / or smart electronic devices are increasingly popular. Up to now, quite commonplace everyday accessories become smart. For better or for worse, it will be said. At CES 2021, Baracoda formalizes two devices designed and designed for monitoring personal health. These are the CareOS Themis and the Mateo BBalance.

A mirror and a scale

The CareOS Themis is an intelligent mirror capable of providing the viewer with a lot of data. The device is for example able to perform a skin analyst, to check the temperature but also to sound the alert if necessary. This mirror can also make recommendations for makeup products, offer shaving tutorials, remind you of the deadlines of the menstrual cycle, etc.

With its 10-inch diagonal, it is quite versatile and it also offers the advantage of being easy and very quick to install. It will only take you a few minutes to configure and install the set.

The Mateo BBalance, on the other hand, is an intelligence scale that uses Mateo’s pressure technology. Thanks to the latter, not only will you get your weight but you will also be able to correct your posture and obtain an in-depth analysis of your body composition. This should be particularly useful to those who take great care of their body on a daily basis, athletic or not, to monitor muscle mass, the amount of water, etc.

The Baracoda CareOS Themis mirror is expected to launch later this year at a price starting at $ 399. No information regarding the Mateo BBalance.

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