ASICS study proves that Running makes you Happier

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Playing sports is good for your health. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. You still need to be able to motivate yourself to do it regularly. But running also makes you happier!

Sport has many benefits for the body. On a purely physical level, obviously, but not only. Exercising regularly is also very good mentally. According to a new study led by the equipment manufacturer ASICS, playing sports regularly makes you happier. Why ? How? ‘Or’ What ? We tell you everything.

ASICS confirms: sport makes you happier!

Besides the fact that it helps to keep fit and maintain good general health, playing sports has other very diverse benefits. It’s good for the skin, for example, and it helps release certain chemical particles in the brain, including the famous endorphins. And in case you want further proof, ASICS has just released the results of a very recent study in which it attached an electroencephalograph on three elite athletes and six “everyday athletes”.

If the results of this study are to be believed, exercising makes people feel happier. For example, according to the study, it was found an 18% increase in participants’ ability to relax, a 28% decrease in difficult decision-making, and a 29% improvement in stress resistance.

And the results could be even more convincing in ordinary people

According to Dr. Brendan Stubbs, researcher at Kings College London, these benefits may even be greater for “normal” people who do not exercise as regularly as the athletes in this panel. This is because, according to the expert, since professional athletes have been playing sports for a very long time, they have less “brain work” to do during their training.

That being said, this is only a very limited study in its number of participants. Difficult to determine a real general trend. However, several studies in the past have already shown very similar results. This new study from ASICS simply corroborates all of this, if one may say so. Note, ASICS is also very interested in this subject as the company sells sports equipment.

Rachel Maga
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