Apple facing class action lawsuit over Powerbeats Pro earbuds charging issues

Apple facing class action lawsuit over Powerbeats Pro earbuds charging issues

Apple is facing a potential class action lawsuit over charging issues with its Powerbeats Pro headphones.

Apple today faces a new class action lawsuit over battery issues in Powerbeats headphones. Alejandro Vivar, residing in New York, has filed for a potential class action lawsuit alleging a design flaw in the Powerbeats Pro earbuds that prevents them from charging properly.

Since it would be all too easy to lose contact between the earbuds and their charging case, one of the earbuds either never charges or quickly consumes its charge.

According to the plaintiff, the Cupertino company would have misled users by communicating on the autonomy of the product and would have failed to correct problems of which it was perfectly aware.

Apple faces potential class action lawsuit

Alejandro Vivar’s lawyers suggest that the cause of all this is a combination of a design problem and an ear tip that is not strong enough. According to the case file, customers even had to insert a “shim” to keep the charging pins in contact with those of the case.

The lawyers also rejected the Apple brand’s claims that the Powerbeats Pro are sweat and water resistant, arguing that sweat corrodes the charging contacts.

Regarding the charging problems of Powerbeats Pro

The plaintiff asks that Apple “correct” the situation, offer compensation to the affected users and pay damages for an unspecified amount. If this file becomes a real class action, it could cover customers in New York State, but also those in Georgia, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, of South Dakota and Virginia.

Contacted on the subject, Apple has not (yet) wish to speak. As is often the case with these types of cases, it is very unlikely that this case will become a class action or result in any compensation. And don’t expect a big cash inflow if the case is won either – with rare exceptions, class action lawsuits usually result in very small sums. Case to follow!

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