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An Apple iPhone 13 with Touch ID integrated under the screen under test

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The fingerprint sensor is a very good way to authenticate, very practical and fast in everyday life. Apple has its Touch ID, even if the technology is neglected in favor of Face ID. This one could come back soon.

Fingerprint scanning technology Touch ID is perhaps less secure than that of Face ID facial recognition but it must be recognized that, in use, the first is more practical than the second. Still, Apple has decided to remove the home button that hosted the Touch ID sensor of its iPhone. Exit Touch ID. The technology could make a comeback very soon, with a sensor integrated directly below the screen.

An iPhone with Touch ID under the screen being tested at Apple?

Also perfected under Face ID technology, it must be recognized that a fingerprint sensor is more practical on a daily basis, particularly recently when you have to wear a mask almost permanently. In the past, there were several reports that Apple was looking to resurrect its fingerprint scanning technology in the form of a Touch ID hidden under the screen. It looks like this new version may debut in this year’s iPhone.

This is what Bloomberg announces

Indeed, if one in Mark Gurman, of Bloomberg, the Cupertino company is currently testing a prototype iPhone with a Touch ID sensor integrated directly under the screen. For marketing this year? In the iPhone 13? It is difficult to know if this will be the case but it is quite possible that it is, this Touch ID under the screen would then be one of the great novelties of the iPhone of 2021.

That being said, Touch ID should exist alongside Face ID, to give users maximum options when it comes to iPhone biometric security. Having a choice is rarely a bad thing. Note, the report also states that Apple’s approach to this iPhone 13 is more that of an “S” model, namely no major modification compared to the iPhone 12, performance gains and it would be almost everything.

In other words, this iPhone 13 would more or less resemble an iPhone 12. The only changes made by the brand to the apple would be located under the hood. The iPhone 13 should be announced in September, if the health situation allows it, Apple obviously wishing to return to its usual launch schedule.

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