A periscope lens in the future Apple iPhone 15?

A periscope lens in the future Apple iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 could benefit from a periscope lens and offer a much more efficient zoom

Next year, Apple will bring its iPhone 14 to the market. Most likely, the following year will be the year of the iPhone 15. At the moment, no one knows all the details of this future iPhone 14, but according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it turns out that a number of elements regarding the iPhone 15 are already starting to leak. And among these, information about the camera module.

The iPhone 15 could benefit from a periscope lens

If we are to believe a note to investors written by the analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo says that the iPhone 15 should use a different design for its camera, including a periscope lens. “Traditional” lenses let light directly onto the sensor.

On a periscope lens, light always enters, of course, but rather than hitting the sensor directly, it first passes through a prism.

The main reason that a smartphone might use a periscope lens system is because smartphones are very thin. In “traditional” cameras which have a casing and a lens at least imposing, no need for a periscope system and to bounce the light via a prism insofar as there is all the necessary space.

The extreme smoothness of smartphones, on the other hand, more or less requires the implementation of such a system if we want to go further than what is done today.

and offer a much more efficient zoom

Indeed, in the long term, by using a periscope lens, it would be possible to offer a much more powerful zoom without relying on digital zoom – which does no more and no less than cropping a photo -. On the iPhone, the zoom is not really the best compared to the competition, but if the device were to have a periscope lens system, this could put the Cupertino company back in the race.

In any case, this new functionality would not be expected for another two years. In other words, even if the information were proven, which is far from being the case, even if it comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, it will take a long time to be able to profit from it.

Rachel Maga
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