Taiwan Winnoz Develops “Haiim”, a Vacuum Assisted Blood Collection Device that enables a wide range of tests even for fingertip blood collection | GLM

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Winnoz’s Haiim is designed to make it easier to draw blood from your fingertips, and by increasing the amount of blood drawn, it can be used for more types of tests. Based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, the company’s vacuum-assisted blood collection device can collect up to 150-500 microliters of blood from the fingertips in about 2 minutes, depending on the person.

Winnoz is currently exhibiting Haiim and the eGGi molecular detector compatible with isothermal DNA / RNA amplification at the Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion at CES, aiming to discover new partners and investors. ing.

Haiim was inspired by the memories of founder and CEO Joses Hsiung, who saw his mother go to the clinic for a blood test when he was young. His mother’s blood vessels were hard to see, so he had to stab his needle many times to get enough blood. And her blood vessels can be torn. So Shun began working on a device that maximizes the amount of blood that can be drawn with a finger stab.

Finger blood draws are typically used for blood glucose monitoring and tests that require less than 10 microliters of blood, such as the cholesterol panel, but Haiim draws enough blood for tests that require more blood. Can help patients avoid venipuncture blood draws.

The device consists of two parts: the body and a single-use cartridge that stores blood until it is tested. Due to the shortage of staff in many clinics and hospitals, it is designed to be started with less training than traditional blood sampling methods. Haiim was approved by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration in 2019 and is expected to be used in medical institutions, clinics and hospitals.

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