Successful season? College football played 500-plus games

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Back in August, when there was still doubt about whether a college football would be played during the pandemic, Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bolsby said that if he could hand the championship trophy in December, he would see the season as a breakthrough I will see

The virus is not going to allow for traditional trophy presentations, but Bolsby and 10 of his fellow commissioners at major conferences will reach that goal by the end of this week.

This would not be the case for the Sun Belt following their title game between No. 9 Coastal Carolina and No. 17 Louisiana-Lafayette as it was discontinued due to COVID-19 issues with the Chanticleers. Still, no league got more than the Sun Belt in its regular season. Despite several postponements, only one of the 40 regular-season Sun Belt Conference games was not played. Eight of the 10 schools played a complete, eight-game league schedule

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“I think it’s a successful season. There’s no question about it,” Sun Belt Commissioner Keith Gill said on Friday. “We started the season knowing that there would be disintegration. We have played through that disruption.”

The Sun Belt’s breakout season, its first several teams ranked, would end as co-champions with the Chanelkers (11-0) and Ragin Cajun (9-1). Coastal won ULL 30-27 on 14 October.

Gill was asked about the possibility of meeting the two teams at one of the conference’s affiliated Bowl games. He said it was not something he expected. Louisiana-Laffett athletic director Brian Maggard is not expected to do so.

“Do I think this will be a great matchup in college football especially in 2020? Do I think it will generate a lot of interest from the point of view of the audience? I do,” Magard said. “At the end of the day, it will be a decision that is beyond our control.”

Coastal Carolina (CFP No. 12) still has an outside chance to hammer the New Year’s six bowl bid. If not, Chanticleers coach Jamey Chadwell said, it doesn’t make sense for the Sun Belt to see his best teams face off in the postseason.

“Part of your bowl experience is being able to exclude and compare your conference brand against other conferences,” Chadwell said, dismissing any suggestions that Coastal had made of protecting his unbeaten record Was kicked out of the game.

For the remainder of college football, the final weekend of the regular season was reduced to 19 games after Florida State’s visit to Wake Forest because the Seminoles would not have enough available offensive linemen.

If no other games are discontinued, 542 games will be played since Labor Day weekend.

Since the Power Five conferences scheduled their revised schedules at the end of August, the Globe Live Media counted 118 games that were either postponed or canceled directly due to COVID-19 issues with one or both participants. Many have been made.

If the Southeastern Conference gets through the weekend without interruption, it will meet 68 of the regular 70-season games and the highest success rate among a title game, the Power Five.

The Pac-12 performed the worst in the Power Five, with its teams playing 32 of 42 games when the conference began in early November and leaving no room to make the game.

“I think we all agreed that, three months ago, if you had told us this is what we would be able to get through, and there would be disruption, but we would have meaningful opportunities for our student-athletes, and A chance to compete for a college football playoff and important bowl game, championship games, I think we all agree that we said, ‘Well, this is going to be choppy, but it will be a good result,’ ‘ ‘Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said.

How much of the season is done? According to Globe Live Media’s research, here the Power Five has been completed according to the percentage of the conference, with the remaining games being played through Saturday:

SEC – 97%. The teams played 68 of 70 potential regular-season games, as well as one championship game.

Big 12 – 94.5%. The teams played 52 of the 55 possible regular-season games, including 43 of 45 conference games, one championship game. Nine out of 10 Big 12 teams played an illegal game as planned.

Atlantic Coast Conference – 93%. The teams played 85 of 90 possible regular season games, including 70 in 75 conference games, one championship game. Each of the 15 ACC teams played a non-interference game as planned.

Big Ten – 79%. The teams played 50 of the 63 possible games, including the championship game.

Pac-12 – 74%. The teams played 31 games out of 42 possible games, including the championship game. Colorado also played an illegal game against San Diego State to replace the canceled conference game.

Five percent of group conference regular season games complete:

Sun Belt – 97.5% (39 of 40).

American Athletic Conference – 89% (39 of 44).

Mid-American Conference – 86% (31 of 36).

Mountain West – 78% (36 of 46).

Conference USA – 67% (35 of 52).

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