Storm Barra: Storm Barra shakes Plane with 80mph winds

Storm Barra: Storm Barra shakes Plane with 80mph winds

Plane makes terrifying landing as Storm Barra sweeps UK with 80mph winds

Many people who are afraid of flying will tell you that landings are what they hate the most.

Feeling the slam of the wheels on the track can be enough to turn nervous travelers’ stomachs and make them run through the worst in their heads.

It can be anxiety provoking even in mild conditions, so imagine being on this plane as Storm Barra hits the UK in hurricane force winds.

Video footage from yesterday shows the pilot valiantly trying to make a straight landing, as the gusts continue to spin the propeller-powered plane to one side.

WATCH: Storm Barra shakes a Plane during its landing

As Storm Barra approached Great Britain from the Atlantic, the Met Office issued yellow weather warnings for wind across most of the country.

Gusts of up to 80 mph hit the country, hitting power sources and causing widespread travel disruptions.

In Manchester, winds peaked at 45 mph during midafternoon, according to the Met Office.

Ireland was hit hardest by the storm, which left at least 59,000 homes without power.

Power has just been restored to every home in North East England, 12 days after Storm Arwen wreaked havoc.

Northern Powergrid said electricity is back for the 240,000 properties affected by the ‘worst storm in more than 20 years’.

However, Storm Barra still caused some local power outages, and people in some communities still depend on backup generators.

The body of an 80-year-old woman was discovered yesterday in a flooded River Stour, after disappearing from her home in Blandford, Dorset.

Venetia Smith, known as Netia, is believed to have fallen off a bridge at the time, when Storm Barra swept through the trade city.

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