Stage 11 of the Dakar Rally, live: from Al-Ula to Yanbu

Stage 11 of the Dakar Rally, live: from Al-Ula to Yanbu

Rally Dakar 2021 Penltima especial

La stage 11 of the 2021 Dakar Rally it must be decisive. Everyone is waiting for Al-Attiyah’s attacks in cars to cut the 17 minutes that Peterhansel gives him, who is very close to his Dakar number 14. The last 47 kilometers of the 511 initially planned have been canceled because the rains of the last days have stopped the impassable terrain.

Both are passing phases and is very close to finishing. They have had good and bad moments, but, almost always, they are solid and that counts

Full throttle and skid if necessary. The day starts. Dakar goes

The Australian rookie takes top spot from Kevin at that point. The ocean, which comes from enduro, is half an hour in the general. In theory, you no longer have options, but you want to finish big. And dreaming is free

The leader is not being conservative. He knows that if he wants to win this Dakar he must push, at least at the start. He has taken 13 seconds from Barreda and 17 from Brabec in the first point. The strategy for the Argentine must catch his teammates and, later, stay there marking them.

Oriol, finally, was able to give his true level yesterday and that is why he leaves on the 11th today. It’s a shame that I’m only looking to finish as high as possible. All in all, this Dakar will help you gain experience. And that’s what you’re doing, already leaps and bounds, Tosha. The novice is earning coming back and with more means

First references in motorcycles. At km 41, Joan takes advantage of the fact that his partner has to open the field and takes 4 seconds. The Spaniard from Castellón must force himself to hunt him down and, later, stop him from the wheel if he wants to win this Dakar. Not counting what Kevin Benavides does behind

Lorenzo starts with the challenge of maintaining his ‘top 10’ in the general classification. He comes out ninth, behind Sunderland, who is forced to attack. If you manage to follow his wheel, even from a distance, it will be a great sign.

Barreda predicts it because the special has everything: rocks, dry lakes and dunes in a middle section. If we add to that the navigation, the accumulated fatigue and the desire to be as high as possible, everything predicts a great day

The camp wakes up. All up for the stage. Dakar goes

Ricky Brabec, winner last year, opens the track. They come out, as almost always, every three minutes in regards to the top 10. After the American, Joan Barreda does, who promises: “Good rock and roll.” Later, leader Kevin Benavides

Welcome to stage 11 of the 2021 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia. It is the penultimate of this edition, which is decisive. In cars, Peterhansel leads with 17 minutes over Al-Attiyah, who cannot wait any longer to launch his attack. Carlos Sainz, with no options, goes third, more than an hour away. In motorcycles, after the abandonment of Nacho Cornejo after a fall, Honda maintains the trump card of Kevin Benavides, the new leader, Ricky Brabec and Joan Barreda, who marches 15 minutes and must also attack.

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