Square Enix Announced Just Cause is Coming to Mobile Devices

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Square Enix announced Just Cause Mobile during the Game Awards, a different look for a longer series but one that could offer a welcome change.

The Just Cause series is known for high-flying stunts, explosions and zip lines; Now Square Enix looks to add mobile gaming to that reputation. Sports Awards announced, Just Cause Mobile Aim to save just cause Experience in multiplayer app-based games.

A turning point for the series, which focuses on pushing consoles and computers to their limits while creating vast destructive playgrounds powered by realistic physics, Just Cause Mobile The goal is to deliver on a smaller scale.

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Square Enix made a surprise announcement for fans watching the Game Awards. Here are the first bits of information coming from the square, “Free to play an action-shooter in Explosives just cause The Universe, designed specifically for mobile platforms, has been built as Square Enix as a globally collaborative development project in Europe, the US and Japan. “

First of all just cause The title was released in 2006. 14 years later, Square Enix wants to breathe some new life into a series that undoubtedly develops a comfortable space. Previous entries were developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix; The title is being led directly by a new development team run by SQUARE.

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The plot

Just cause mobile campaign

Just Cause Mobile Will allow players to join online and undergo co-op and competitive missions. There, gear and upgrades can be obtained that can be used in solo-play. Create and equip a character before moving to a new single-player story campaign. Players will prove themselves and rise through the ranks, forming new alliances with favorite series characters and adopting intense missions against the malevolent Darkwater organization.

New action packed story will be set just cause Universe. The player plays the role of a member of the agency’s secret program, Firebrand. The single-player story will allow players to explore a large open world filled with unique locations and take on dark water forces. Along the way, characters from the series’ past will create appearances to bring players into the fold and form alliances. Players can expect to comb, glide, shoot and over-the-top explosions as if they were on consoles and PCs.

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The gameplay

Just Cause Mobile Tank

In addition to the available story campaigns, Just Cause Mobile Will feature three additional game modes where players can expect some high-octane action. Triple Threat will be a game mode that pits three teams of 10 players against each other. Each team erases points to capture points of interest and to stand on its own ground and defeat enemy team members.

The CO-OP missions will see four assembled squads to land their set of challenging threats. Wave after wave awaits players, so some special load is adapted and everyone is bringing their A-game. There is also word that some sinister enemy will come to battle in tanks or mech suits.

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It also has a challenge mode that awaits players Just Cause Mobile. Here, agents will be able to attempt any challenge including favorites from the previous just cause Title. Complete high-speed wingsuit challenges, race to claim the best time or just as much destruction as possible for great rewards. Just Cause Mobile will launch with three unique challenge types – wingsuit, race and destruction.

Although many cornerstones exist, perhaps the biggest change just causeThe source is that it will become a top-down action shooter. A step away from fans of the third-person perspective accustomed to previous entries, this new approach allows for more comfortable play for mobile and multiplayer. Square Enix also confirmed that in-game players could be taken advantage of in the title.

Developed and published by Square Enix, Just Cause Mobile 2021 release for Android and iOS.

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