WRC 2023, the first details on the game arrive

WRC 23 appears to have been born from the ashes of DiRT Rally 3

The new title WRC from Codemasters which is currently assumed to be WRC 23 should be launched in 2023 after the studio re-appropriated the license later 18 years. As reported for the first time by the editors of GI.biz the new license will go 2023 to 2027. The deal includes rights for the studio to publish new titles, as well as manage its sporting events.

Also, sources familiar with WRC 23 they revealed the details of what lies ahead. First, the game features 16 individual classes, including WRC and WRC2, F2 Kitcar and H1 FWD. An important aspect of this year’s game will be the ability to build your own rally car. An in-game currency system will be the driving force behind player building. In fact, a source stated that the customization of the game will be as thorough as in this video from YouTube uploaded by FIA WRC:

The Customization of Cars in WRC 2023

It is clear that all aspects of your rally car can be built from scratch, starting with the drivetrain, which can be front, center or rear. From there you can buy the engine, differential, gearbox, clutch, radiator, suspension, brakes and exhaust. The prices of the items depend on the condition of the parts, with used and worn parts costing much less than brand new ones.

Also there aesthetic customization car is just as thorough: players can choose anything they want, from the largest to the smallest size. Some examples of external customization are: the front bumper, the rear bumper, the wheels, the fenders and even the hood pins.

Also there internal customization is equally thorough: players can customize everything from the steering wheel to the digital display, from the design of the seat belts to the color of the roll cage. Additionally, players will be able to build multiple car models and test the built car and swap parts as needed before confirming the build.

Apparently, WRC it was built on the foundation of the canceled title DiRT which should have been released soon, with the idea of ​​saving time and money thanks to the similarities between the two games.

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