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Williams: “The feat may be historic”

Iñaki Williams was emptied in the semifinal of the Super Cup against Real Madrid, but warns that he has already caught fuel for the final and that the presence of Messi does not disturb him: “I feel fine, I was tired in a very demanding match. It is important to take a title to Bilbao, I don’t care if Messi is there or no, its potential and difference are undoubted, but Barça has plenty of players to supply it, “he says.

Williams maintains that, in the event of knocking out Zidane’s team, “the feat may be historic, we will try to make a great game,” he underlines, revealing that in these previous hours the squad feels in the “quiet” concentration hotel, although the Nerves “will grow as the hours go by. If we enjoy it, it will be a good sign,” he says of the crash at La Cartuja this Sunday, in which they can rely on the experience of 2015: “It was incredible, I think that very few people gave something for us and on top of that in a double game, we scored 4. Faith moves mountains and we have to go with the same enthusiasm as in 2015. We are a difficult team to beat, very screwed up to beat, we are friends and beating a group of friends is more difficult. “

The stamp of Marcelino García Toral It is an incentive right now: “The arrival of Marcelino has been good for us, we were not having a good time players, club and coaching staff and the illusion has returned to Bilbao. We are in a good dynamic and we have to be in that current, we go up to the wave, surf and not throw us “, exemplifies Williams, who maintains that if the Super Cup rises above the sky of Seville” emotionally it would give us a lot of morale to the squad, coaching staff and fans. That generates illusion, having pride in your club, that people are proud whether we win or lose. “Trust the children “Go to school with the red and white shirt the next day.”

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Día de Reyes won Barça, but Athletic stood out in the first 15 minutes: “We are aware of the positive things about the good minutes, we hope it will be more continuous, that it will be 90 minutes” and reveals the potion to knock out Barça : “Everything happens to generate chances and start well, making the game very uncomfortable,” he says.

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