Will Logan Hall, DT of Houston, reach the first round?

Will Logan Hall, DT of Houston, reach the first round?

Georgia’s defensive line has dominated coverage of this year’s NFL Draft, and with good reason. Jordan Davis, Devonte Wyatt and Travon Walker are going to be first-round picks and are considered the consensus top three interior defensive linemen in the class, if you count Walker as a pseudo-interior player.

Hell, some people are already putting together their top 10 spots for next year in preparation for Jalen Carter. However, the Bulldogs’ three-star prospects for 2022 aren’t the only stud defensive linemen wearing red jerseys in this year’s class. Houston’s Logan Hall, a 6-foot-6, 283-pounder with attitude, is just as worthy of first-round talk as the trio of national champions.

Hall’s path to becoming the player he is today is unique. Coming out of high school, Hall was a three-star recruit weighing 225 pounds. Hall began to pack on weight with each passing year, eventually hitting the 260 rank when he took a starting job as a junior in 2020.

Hall beefed up again for his senior campaign, nearing the 280-pound mark, and transitioned more to being an inside player and strong winger rather than the running back he came to campus with.

What’s fascinating about Hall isn’t just the transition itself, but how comfortable he’s already become as an inside player. Inside work happens faster, is more violent, and is riddled with different stimuli than edge defenders are used to.

It can be a difficult transition, but Hall is already as obnoxious and in tune with the position as anyone else in the class. With just a few years of experience, Hall has been able to combine technique and awareness with explosive athleticism and a relentless kicker mentality.

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