When Alcoyano was better than Real Madrid

When Alcoyano was better than Real Madrid

Real Madrid In the 1947-48 season finished ahead and did not lose to the whites

El Alcoyano has a name in Spanish football, if only for that reason moral it is put as an example on a par with the Numantine resistance to the Empire. It was not easy for football to settle in Alcoy. Late. Cycling and boxing walked more securely, but on September 13, 1928, at the journalist’s house Camilo Jord Carbonell, several football clubs came together to give life to the Alcoyano Sports Club. It is the team that this week challenges the Real Madrid in the Cup. The story of the two is that of a giant before a little ant, but once that little ant looked down on Madrid. Alcoyano played four seasons in the First Division. In three it descended; in the other I finished tenth, above Madrid.

It was in the 1947-48 campaign, the same during which Madrid was going to inaugurate the New Chamartn (December 14, 1947, before The Belenenses). The first day of the League made Alcoyano play against Madrid. It was September 21. And the newly promoted surprised in the Metropolitan. Because until matchday 10, Madrid played at the home of Atltico as its stadium was under construction. A goal from Quisco With six minutes to go, he put the surprising final 2-2 on the scoreboard.

When they met in the second round, January 4, 1948, the two teams were in the dark for not going down. Madrid, added 12 points of 26; Alcoyano nine, like the last two, Real Sociedad and Sporting.

They were separated from that day only by one unit. Two goals from Ramn they raised the 0-1, marked by Alonso.

He Alcoyano he grew and with two days left he was saved by thrashing Sabadell in Alcoy (3-0). Madrid, no. The 3-0 I suffered in San mams In the penultimate day I put him fully into the fight for not getting off the last day. He had 19 points, like Sabadell; 18 added Sporting and 17 Real. A double from Salamanca Pruden before him Oviedo I saved Madrid from relegation, which was for Basques and Asturians.

It is the worst season in the history of Madrid. He never saw the Monday. And it’s the best of the Alcoyano, which finished one place ahead of the one Madrid that he did not win any of the games.


The following season, Madrid returned to fight for the League. Ahab third, three points from Barcelona. The title options went away on the penultimate day despite winning Tarragona 3-1. In the last, with the head already in the Cup matches, the whites traveled to Alcoy. Alcoyano were saved if they beat Madrid and Deportivo did not do so in Tarragona. With 10 minutes to go, Madrid went 0-2, but with goals from Martnez-Catal (84 ‘) and Bolinche (88’) they signed a draw that the Alcoyano players celebrated as salvation. The news that arrived was that Deportivo had fallen in Tarragona. The party ended when it became clear that the truth was different, and it was not a joke: the result in Tarragona was 1-4 for the Galicians.

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