The coach of the Argentine national team, Lionel Scaloni, is in seventh place among the 32 technical directors of the best paid teams qualified for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

The German Hansi Flick is the highest earner.

According to the Finance Football site, Scaloni receives a payment of 2,600,000 dollars a year from the AFA.

This figure is far from what Flick perceives, which amounts to 6,677,000 dollars from the German Federation.

Another Argentine is on the list, Gerardo Tata Martino, who charges 2,979,000 US dollars to coach the Mexican team, Argentina’s opponent in Qatar 2022.

Behind Flick are Gareth Southgate, from England with 5,958,000 and Didier Deschamps, from France with 3,903,000.

According to the Finance Football site, Scaloni receives a payment of 2,600,000 dollars a year from the AFA

The 10 best paid DT in Qatar 2022

1) Dieter Flick (Germany) $6,677,000

2) Gareth Southgate (England) 5,958,000

3) Didier Deschamps (France) 3,903,000

4) Tite (Brazil) 3,698,000

5) Gerardo Martino (Mexico) 2,979,000

6) Louis van Gaal (Netherlands) 2,979,000

7) Lionel Scaloni (Argentina) 2,600,000

8) Felix Sanchez (Qatar) 2,465,000

9) Fernando Santos (Portugal) 2,285,000

10) Murat Yakin (Switzerland) 1,643,000

FIFA will cancel the pending match between Brazil and Argentina

As Lionel Scaloni had been claiming, the classic between Brazil and Argentina for the sixth date of the South American Qualifiers that was suspended a year ago at 5 minutes in San Pablo due to the intervention of health authorities and that FIFA had arranged that the next September 22, it will not be played.

The official confirmation is missing, but common sense prevailed and before a change of position of the Brazilian Confederation, from Switzerland they decided to back down and will nullify that meeting that does not modify absolutely anything in the panorama of those qualified for the Qatar 2022 World Cup by Conmebol .

“The truth is that they are disrupting us a bit with this issue, because we are a month and a half away from that date and we don’t know who we are going to play with and where. It is difficult to understand that FIFA does not make a decision. Here is what What we have to know is whether it is going to be played or not. It is a total uncertainty. We also have to take into account that after that we have to play another game. It is not our fault, but who has to make the decision. I do not see clearly that it be played in Brazil and with the public, it seems unusual to me, but we will see what happens”, the DT of the National Team had triggered his discomfort last week, before getting on the plane back to his house in Mallorca, Spain.

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