What other historic duel are Federer, Nadal and Djokovic still playing?

What other historic duel are Federer, Nadal and Djokovic still playing?

Swiss, Spanish and Serbian also have a battle in the semifinal qualifiers reached in Grand Slams.

The great challenge of the Big3 of tennis is to see who manages to win the most Grand Slam titles, but along the way there are also historical records that are added and that the statistical rival of Roger Federer , Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic , who have currently 20 titles each at the Majors.

Another of the indirect duels for the three best players in the history of tennis is in the semifinal tie. How many have each of them reached in the Grand Slams? That is the question related to the headline of this article and now we are going to explain how many there are and who is the king of that data.

Roger Federer remains the king of Grand Slam semi-final appearances, reaching the penultimate rounds of the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon or US Open on 46 occasions. And of course of that 46, 20 have been final triumphs in the different tracks of Melbourne, Paris, London and New York. In second place, Novak Djokovic with 42 and in third place Rafa Nadal with 36, the last one achieved at the Australian Open in 2022 defeating Denis Shapovalov in the quarterfinals.

These data are at the individual level, but if we add up what the three… 17 years in a row have achieved with a member of the Big3 in the semifinals of a Grand Slam , with only one exception, that of the US Open 2020. In addition, there is the presence of a member of the Big 3 in the semifinals of 70 of the last 71 Grand Slams, They are devastating data.

Finally, emphasize that Nadal continues to add records for history. With his victory in Australia against Shapovalov, Rafa is already the fourth oldest Open Era player, at 35 years and 241 days, to reach a semi-final and joins Connors, Agassi and Federer as the player with the most seasons apart between his first and, for the moment, last presence in the semifinals of a Grand Slam.

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