Vidorreta: “My players executed the plan very well”

Vidorreta: “My players executed the plan very well”

Txus Vidorreta analyzed the triumph of his team, the Lenovo Tenerife, in view of the San Pablo Burgos in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey in Madrid (87-76).

Assessment. “It was a game in which I think we have kept pace except for the first five minutes of the game and the beginning of the third quarter. Despite the fact that they sometimes got hooked, they have only been better than us in those two moments The rest of us were better. We moved the ball very well, we attacked with patience, we had a lot of success from the three-point line, we worked very well on their main men, limiting a lot the offensive contribution before the break of Benite and of McFadden. Also from Kravic. And letting it be less common players who had to make the shots. When things got worse, being only two up, we had a great reaction with a lot of offensive and defensive rhythm to open differences that practically, Except for the last triple, they haven’t dropped below twelve points. I think that when the two teams started to weaken, we dominated the rebound, both in our basket and in the rival. you in the last quarter and that has given us a lot of confidence so that San Pablo Burgos could not return to the game. They are a team that specializes in great comebacks and today we have managed to limit their ability to react to achieve a victory that makes us very happy. ”

Dream match. “It is clear that the players have executed the plan very well. They have a lot of quality and there have been moments like McFadden at the end of the third quarter, in which he has made seven very fast points after two defensive errors. But I think both McFadden and Benite have not been comfortable. We have been able to control the connections between Cook and Kravic and I think we have had control of the timing party, which was fundamental. Because if they can run every time we have it more difficult and if we play five against five the problems are for them. Today we got this third semifinal for Lenovo Tenerife, third for me too, two together, which makes us very happy and gives us the satisfaction of being able to watch the next semifinal with relaxation “.

Preference in the semifinals. “None. They are two difficult teams to beat. We know it is complicated, but whoever wins we will try to make it as difficult as possible as we always do.”

Team mental strength. “We have focused the game very well. Last year we met a very successful Andorra, we were able to react, but seeing ourselves below on the scoreboard we played with too much anxiety and although we had the option of winning on the heads or tails, we had tails. With that experience, for me the mental issue has been fundamental, in people like Sasu like Gio. They have responded very well. I told them that there was no pressure, that it was only a game, that if we won, we would enjoy the semifinals and if we lose, we are not favorites at all. The important thing for a team like ours is to be in the Cup and do it as seeded four of the last five years. I think that is important against transatlantic. Our budget is four times smaller , we are around six million. We have six or seven teams ahead in budget and yet we are regulars to the Copa del Rey and it is the second semifinal we play together and the third for the club. What more could you ask for? r … But then when the first two games of the final phase come out the most, we are the big failure. And we finished sixth. We are enjoying it and we feel that the work is endorsed by the club and by our fans, of which we remember a lot now that it is far away and with great enthusiasm against teams that triple or five times our budget. ”

Play on Thursday. “It gives us a little more fuel. The drawback for us is that being the seeded team we are the team that everyone wants to play against, the easy one. We have managed to eliminate Unicaja after one year, San Pablo although today there were no favorites , we lost last year against Andorra … It means that we are at a good level. The most important thing now is to enjoy the next game. Make a good reading of who and how the winning team is. And make it difficult for them. For a team like We, without such a long rotation, it is very important to have 48 hours “.

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