Vicente Moreno returns to Mallorca at the worst moment

Vicente Moreno returns to Mallorca at the worst moment

Before the end of last season, and with Mallorca still gambling for permanence in the First Division, the signing of Vicente Moreno by Espanyol transcended. Always prudent in his press conferences, the Valencian coach postponed any questions about the future, but as the weeks went by, both clubs were forced to negotiate because the information was as true as the relegation of both teams was. Seven months after that episode, Vicente Moreno returns to Mallorca.

Without an audience in the stadium due to restrictions, the coach returns at his worst at Espanyol and in a cold environment, suspicious because he knows that the pressure is installed in the RCDE Stadium while Mallorca maintains a five-point cushion. Moreno wants to repeat with Espanyol the promotion achieved with the Barmellón club, although at that time it was not the objective. The coach coached the club for three seasons. The first, 2017-18, promoted it to Second B; later, he was promoted to First in the playoff and last year he failed to maintain the category despite arriving alive until the penultimate round.

Although the Mallorca last year was characterized by being a showy and daring team, this year the Spanish It does not work with that precision and showiness, rather it solves thanks to its individualities, a good defense and the management of the group the matches. Circumstances, these last two, which have been broken in the last days, in which the parrots have only added four of the last 15 points. To this day no one longs for Moreno in a leading Mallorca.
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The technician, with experience in promotions, knowledgeable about the category, signed three seasons with Espanyol because he saw in him a coach capable of promoting the team in the first year and consolidating it in First. Nothing has changed on Espanyol’s roadmap, although the latest run of results increasingly reduces the Blue and Whites’ margin of error.

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