Tom Brady would return from retirement, he would have already chosen a team for the season

Tom Brady would return from retirement, he would have already chosen a team for the season

Tom Brady loves playing football, despite having a one-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , the QB decided to end his career in the NFL, but not for long and apparently he could return to the gridirons.

According to a report by journalist Mike Florio, who is part of Pro Football Talk, Tom Brady is analyzing the possibility of returning to the playing fields and would do so with another NFL team.

According to Floro, people close to Brady would have sent him an email where they point out that the QB is thinking of signing with the team he loves, but it is not the New England Patriots, but the San Francisco 49ers , a group with which he always wanted to play.

Also, Jimmy Garoppolo could be traded to another team soon as he hasn’t lived up to expectations and the starter would be Trey Lance.

But with the arrival of Brady, Lance would immediately be benched again for the best QB of all time to take the reins of a team that was one game away from playing another Super Bowl, after losing to the champions, Los Angeles. Rams in the NFC Final.

“I got a great email. I don’t know if the author wants me to reveal his name, but he’s explaining what’s going on with Tom Brady and that boils down to a classic mid-40s crisis where you want to reframe your life. step 1 was the divorce from the Patriots, step 2 was his short-term relationship with a trophy girl like the Buccaneers, and finally step 3 where we’re at, a late-night text to high school sweetheart, also known as the 49ers,” said Mike Florio at PFT. 

Floro sees the return of Tom Brady as inevitable , in addition, he pointed out that the QB never explicitly said that he would retire from the fields once he was out of the Bucs organization.

“I’m telling you, it’s inevitable. He’s not going to get dirty like Aaron Rodgers in public spats, he’s going to work it all out behind the scenes. I just think he’s going to be with the 49ers in Week 1, I’m totally in that boat.” he added.

Will Tom Brady play for the San Francisco 49ers?

One of the teams that Tom Brady always loved was the San Francisco 49ers , since his family took him to Candlestick Park on several occasions to see Joe Montana and the gambusinos.

Plus, Brady has always wanted to play with the organization, it’s no secret that he wants to sign with a contender, and the 49ers are a perfect fit for his plan to return to the NFL.

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