Tom Brady in the Playoffs: How many wins does he have in the postseason?

Tom Brady in the Playoffs: How many wins does he have in the postseason?

Next Sunday, January 23, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will continue on their way to the two-time Super Bowl championship. However, the task will not be easy when they have to face Aaron Donald and the Rams, who have dominated the quarterback since his arrival in Florida Bay.

Tom Brady knows that the Playoffs is a different thing, and proof of this is his impressive numbers in terms of postseason wins. So far, the veteran quarterback has 35 wins in 46 games he has played.

Thus, He holds the record as the quarterback with the most wins in this instance, far surpassing Joe Montana, former 49ers and Chiefs quarterback, who is in second place with 16 wins.

of those wins, 30 were wearing the uniform of the New England Patriots, with whom he also won six Super Bowl championship rings, while five more victories have been since his arrival in Tampa Bay, where he already has the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Brady’s Playoff Losses

Brady is still far from the streak he had with the Patriots, with whom he had ten consecutive wins in the Playoffs, a streak that ended on January 14, 2006 when they fell to the Denver Broncos 27-13.

Among his setbacks in the Playoffs, Brady has three against the Denver Broncos, two against the New York Giants, two against the Baltimore Ravens, one against the Indianapolis Colts, one against the New York Jets, one against the Philadelphia Eagles and one more against the Tennessee Titans.

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