This is the PSG plan to sign Messi

This is the PSG plan to sign Messi

Leo Messi can be the great bomb of the next market. The Argentine star He has not yet decided if he will continue at Barcelona in June or he will jump into a totally unprecedented challenge in his long career. The magazine France Football has titled its cover for tomorrow revealing the keys to the possible signing of Messi by PSG, turning what seemed like a utopia a year ago into a possibility starting next season.

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The prestigious French magazine refers to the phrase of Cristiano Ronaldo as soon as he signed for Juventus in which the Portuguese assured that he wanted new challenges in his career and that he was looking to get out of the comfort zone. Along the history, only Florian Albert, from Ferencavros, has spent his entire career in a single team after winning the Ballon d’Or. Messi can be the 2nd or, on the contrary, look for his fifth Champions League in another country, since in Barcelona the situation is extremely delicate, both economically and sportingly. They also mention the end of the career of Michael Jordan in Washington or Joe Montana in Kansas City.

The options for Messi to continue in Barcelona are still quite remote. The Catalan group has a debt of € 1,173 million And as El Mundo assured, Messi’s last contract reaches € 724 million. However, the Argentine international has not yet decided on his future and is waiting for the month of March, the date on which the elections for the presidency of Barcelona are set, to reflect. If Laporta comes out as president, the balance could turn to the Blaugrana side, since the former president of Barcelona maintains a great relationship with Messi after his 7 glorious years in the presidency (2003-2010).


Neymar, key in his possible arrival

One of the keys to the possible signing of Messi by PSG is Neymar Jr. The Brazilian assured several months ago, after PSG’s victory at Old Trafford, that next season he would play it with his great friend. Negotiations for the extension of the playmaker’s contract are on the right track and one of the conditions he imposed to renew was that he endowed the PSG with an ambitious project. With the probable arrival of Messi, Neymar’s aspirations are fulfilled and that is why his renewal has accelerated in recent weeks.

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Other actors who can also influence Messi’s arrival in Paris are Ángel Di María and Pochettino. Fideo confirmed last Wednesday, after having beaten Nimes 3-0, that there was a good chance of seeing Messi in the French capital. The PSG coach did not deny in his presentation as coach in January the signing of the Barcelona player by the Parisian team. “We will have time to talk about it”, stressed the Santa Fe.

He would have to lower his salary

As indicated by France Football, If Leo Messi wants to play for PSG next season, the Barcelona striker will have to lower his salary significantly. His last contract with Barcelona is unfeasible for the current Ligue 1 champion, even more so after having historical losses amounting to € 240 million in the last season. In the french magazine They suggest a model “a la David Beckham”, who came to pay his salary in his day at PSG through different foundations that Qatar has involved in PSG.

To put it in context, Leo Messi receives a net € 74.2 million per year, that is, 26 million more than Neymar earns (48.9). The economic aspirations of the one who for many is the best player in history would be an impediment for PSG, which has renewed Neymar without extending his salary and which has a historical deficit with the Financial Fair-Play lurking.

Manchester City, PSG’s greatest competitor

Finally, France Football also reports that el Manchester City is the great competitor of PSG for taking over the services of Leo Messi. The fact that Guardiola trains the Cityzen, with which Leo maintains a great memory of his brilliant time at Barcelona, ​​may be decisive when it comes to influencing the international’s decision with the albiceleste. It was the team that almost took his services in the summer when Messi sent the burofax to Barcelona and could attempt an offensive to revolutionize the market.

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