The virus returns to New Zealand;  South African strain detected

The virus returns to New Zealand; South African strain detected

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New Zealand is one of the countries in the world that is combating the coronavirus pandemic more effectively. The oceanic nation has been forceful in its measures and has achieved keep the disease under control to the point of practically eradicating it within its borders. So much so that the last community contagion that had been registered in the country dated from two months ago.

But this situation has come to an end after a 56-year-old woman’s positive has been confirmed. This person traveled in Europe for four months for work reasons, specifically to Spain and Holland, and on his return, which took place by plane via London and Singapore on December 30, a 14 day quarantine in an Auckland hotel, where he gave negative twice in screening tests.

Due to these results and that he had no symptoms, the woman ended her isolation on January 13 to return with her husband, with whom she made a trip through the southern Northland region, as detailed by The Guardian. Minister for COVID-19 Response Chris Hipkins reported that all necessary steps are being taken to isolate the contagion and trace its contacts and that more details of what happened will be known in the next few days.

Symptoms after quarantine ends

According to the authorities, the woman began to suffer mild symptoms two days after the end of quarantine, including muscle aches, although due to the negative results of the two tests she had undergone, she did not initially suspect that she was infected with the coronavirus. However, he decided take a new test and self-confine at home waiting for the result, which was finally positive.

South African variant

The health authorities have praised his behavior for this fact and because recorded their movements in a contagion tracking application, action that has made it possible to know the places where he went and the contacts he was able to maintain. The Ministry of Health reported that his case had been caused by the South African strain, one of the new variants of the coronavirus, considered more contagious, and the source of infection is most likely another person who returned to the country.

New Zealand, which has registered since the beginning of the pandemic about 2,280 positive cases and 25 deaths related to COVID-19, has been praised numerous times for its success in containing the disease.

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