The press conference of Marcelino and Muniain, live

The press conference of Marcelino and Muniain, live

Marcelino Garca Toral appears before the media in the preview of the Copa del Rey final against Real Sociedad. Follow the press conference on direct.

The press conference of Marcelino and Muniain, live

Turn for the rojiblanco technician, Marcelino Garca.

Win anyone

Real Sociedad is a team and we don’t look at who we measure ourselves against. We have the utmost respect for everything. We have the utmost humility to respect everyone and at the same time the illusion of being champions and playing a great game.

Physical, mind the tactician

The sum of the three is essential. The game can be long and the physicist counts and controlling the emotional state will be too. Whoever masters these three aspects and is successful wins the Cup-

Unai Simn and Iigo Martnez

I see them perfect. We are happy that our players play so many minutes, that is because they are important for Spain. They are going to the Euro and we are happy. They preferred two players happy to play than disappointed.

La Real wants the ball

There are always keys. The main one is to master the details. La Real controls football and has a clear identity with Imanol. What is going to decide the game is to specify the goal options, make good decisions and make mistakes as little as possible.

Arrive after winning the Super Cup

The first memory that comes to us in Sevila is that triumph. At the same time, we must think that this is history and focus on playing the game according to what we have prepared.

What did I think when I saw Athletic last year

In the Cup you suffer to pass. For us as for Bara, everyone has suffered. We are here and we do not look back. With the illusion of playing to win.

15 days to work, last effort on the mental issue

We have tried and I am convinced that we have given a normality to the preparation and the control of emotions. We enjoy it after a year of waiting due to the pandemic, unfortunately we are the same and there will be no people. The party has the same motivation and enthusiasm to win.

Press conference of the Athletic captain, Iker Muniain.

Get off your nerves

The best thing is to follow the routines: go to training, be with the family, nothing special.

How does Athletic arrive?

I see the team very well. Quiet with all the normality possible. The team worked well in the break and I look at the game with optimism. We are looking forward to playing the game. We are prepared.

Details that will decide the match

Everything is unpredictable. We believe that the finals are tight matches and within all that we have to handle other things. The anxiety that a game produces, having peace of mind in times of maximum stress. Of the tactical aspects, each one will do what they have worked.

Social media messages

These are typical football moments. When you play this type of match, the excitement of the people reaches you everywhere. We carry it naturally, we know what is generated around us and nothing blurs us from the objective.

What does the pide look like?

Responsibility first and then thanks. We know that they are there is much appreciated.

Lifting the King’s Cup causes anxiety?

A few months ago we were able to lift the Super Cup here and that brings us good feelings. We are looking forward to playing that final. People are very excited about lifting the Cup many years later, but that does not detract us from doing things well and capturing what we have done these days.

The Athletic Iker Muniain begins speaking.

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