The new NBA measure against vaccines

The new NBA measure against vaccines

The tension between the NBA and the anti-vaccines does not stop. The league has made a rather drastic new decision, which directly affects the All-Star weekend and the games played on the Toronto Raptors court (Canada).

Any unvaccinated NBA player with a temporary visa leaving the country you will not be able to re-enter the United States, according to a memo obtained by ESPN. For example, a player would not be able to re-enter after playing in Canada or traveling outside of the US on All-Star Weekend, via Adrian Wojnarowski.

The NBA informed teams today that unvaccinated players will no longer be able to travel to Toronto to play games starting January 15, according to the memo. The new Canadian law requires that all visitors entering the country be vaccinated.

Teams must provide the league office with a list of unvaccinated players by Fridaysays the memo. The NBA says 97 percent of its players are vaccinated and sources say more than 60 percent have received booster shots.

The leading advocate for anti-vaccination in the NBA, Kyrie Irving, who already had his professional future in the air, will have more complications to play again with this measure.

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