The ‘Lupine’ shoe goof that Netflix has recognized with an “oops”

The ‘Lupine’ shoe goof that Netflix has recognized with an “oops”

Lupin Decathlon uncovers the error of the series starring Omar Sy

Still from the error of Lupin’s Artengo sneakers in the series
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El premiere of the first season of the series ‘Lupine’ is sweeping Netflix. Inspired by the adventures of Arsne Lupin, character of the French writer Maurice LeBlanc (1864-1941), this white-collar thief played by Omar Sy | He tries to avenge the death of his father, accused of a crime he did not commit.

But in the midst of success Netflix has been forced to acknowledge an error. In one of the scenes in which the series makes a flashback a 1995, a young Lupine appears with some sneakers that, being rigorous, could not be there since they are Artengo, a Decathlon brand that was born in 2006.

The specific frame has been revealed by the Twitter account of Decathlon in Belgium: “Say, Netflix, you thought we wouldn’t see it, but in 1995 our Artengo brand didn’t exist yet”.

A few minutes later, Netflix answered from its account in France, recognizing Lupin’s slippers with a brief but funny comment: “Oops…”.

Since then, other possible possibilities have appeared on social networks. anachronisms of the series collected by the Magazine ‘GQ’. It has been commented from the Renault Captur seen in 1995 when it was not really marketed until 2013, to a T-MAX scooter from 2001 through a Mercedes A-Class from 1997.

The adventures of ‘Lupine’ arrive, a thief with a white glove

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