The list of politicians who have skipped the protocol and have been vaccinated

The list of politicians who have skipped the protocol and have been vaccinated

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There are three days to go until one month has elapsed since vaccination began in our country. Last Sunday, December 27, Araceli Hidalgo and Mónica Tapia, resident and health of the center Los Olmos in Guadalajara were the first to receive first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in accordance with the terms established by the Ministry of Health for the first phase of vaccination in Spain.

As we can consult in the website of the Ministry of Health, the Stage 1 is that corresponding to residents and staff in senior centers, health and social health personnel (first line and others) and large non-institutionalized dependents. This phase it will last until next March, when will the Stage 2, the one in which you will vaccinate people over 80 years of age, that is, to the elderly who are not in residences and who were not in a situation to be vaccinated in the first phase.

Despite all this, there have been 28 politicians who have decided to break the rules and get the vaccine against COVID-19 as it counts Among them, 14 leaders of the PSOE, nine of the Popular Party, two of Junts per Catalunya and two former councilors of the PNV.

Four have submitted their resignation

Among those who decided to skip the rules established by the Government is the Minister of Health of Murcia, Manuel Villegas, of the PP, and several senior officials of the Ministrybesides his wife. After knowing the news on January 19, Villegas announced his resignation.

In Manuel Villegas is a Rocío Galán, of the PSOE, Councilor for Health and Social Welfare of Bonares (Huelva). As explained ABC, to Galán They offered him the vaccine since there were “extra doses”, something unimaginable due to the number of people in Spain waiting for the drug. He has also resigned.

The same has happened with the former councilors of the PNV and managing directors of the OSI Bilbao Basurto and the Santa Marina hospital, in Bilbao, Eduardo Maíz and José Luis Sabas, who got the vaccine on January 20 and then resigned.

Files in the PSOE

The socialist marriage formed by the mayors of El Verger, Ximo Coll, and Els Poblets, Carolina Vives, in the Valencian Community, has also decided to get the vaccine “for take advantage of the doses that were left over “.

Continuing through the Valencian Community, the socialist mayor of Rafelbunyol, Fran lopez, was vaccinated on the same day the campaign began, December 27. As he argued: “I have done it to help give a sense of confidence, tranquility and security to citizens.”

In Torrecampo, Córdoba, its mayor Francisca alamillo, also from the PSOE, the vaccine was given without being a risk group because “on the day of vaccination, two workers did not attend the appointment and at the end there were two vaccines left over.”

These mayors have been Files filed by the Socialist Party for being vaccinated without belonging to the priority groups. From January 16 also the membership of these four mayors has been suspended for having skipped the protocol. In the case of those involved in the Valencian Community, will not receive the second dose of vaccines since the president of the community, Ximo Puig, has given this order.

In Córdoba the protocol has also been skipped Jose Luis Cabrera, the first mayor of Alcaracejos, from the PSOE, got a leftover vaccine because in a nursing home “they were going to throw them away.”

In Murcia, the socialist mayor of Molina del Segura, Esther Clavero Mira, acknowledged having been vaccinated “as a high-exposure cancer patient”. But the cancer patients are not included in the first phase of vaccination.

In Plasencia (Cáceres), the councilor of the PSOE and director of the social health center of the Extremadura town, Soraya Cobos Bermejo, received the vaccine on January 4, two weeks before the rest of the health and workers of the center received the vaccine.

In other political parties

A Jesus Fernandez, governor of the independent party Democratic and Independent Citizens (CDEI) from El Guijo, in Córdoba, they administered the first dose in the nursing home of the locality.

Two provincial deputies in the Alicante Provincial Council of the Popular Party they have also been vaccinated against the coronavirus without it being their turn. Son Bernabé Cano, mayor of La Nucía and deputy for Sports, and Juan Baustista Roselló, provincial deputy and head of a psychiatric hospital. The Councilor for Health of La Nucía, Manuel Alcala, also received the drug.

The Councilor for Health in Orihuela (Alicante), also from the PP, Jose Galiano, received the vaccine and claimed “to be exposed all day due to his position”. As they say from Maldita, he is a nurse but does not exercise.

In Ceuta, the Minister of Health, Javier Guerrero, of the PP, and other senior officials of his council have also received the vaccine, as in Catalonia, the mayor, Sergi Pedret, and the councilor of the Treasury, Jordi Domingo, of the Riudoms City Council, of JuntsXCat.

Also former employees of hospitals, police …

But not only these politicians have received the vaccine without it being their turn. There have been many others, as well as have computer scientists, former hospital employees, relatives of nursing home workers, police officers and even a priest. In the case of former hospital employees, the history of San Carlos Clinical Hospital of Madrid, who administered vaccinations to his former retired employees.

Many of these “illegal” vaccines have been given while the vaccination campaign in Spain was not what was expected since there were many doses stored but the vaccination objective was not being met in nursing homes. Finally, the shortage of doses supplied to the lack of coordination among those responsible for administering vaccines.

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